Translation of nozzle in Spanish:


boca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnɑzəl//ˈnɒz(ə)l/


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    (on hose) boca feminine
    (on oil can) pico masculine
    (on oil can) pitorro masculine Spain
    (on syringe) cánula feminine
    (on blowtorch) boquilla feminine
    (on rocket, jet engine) tobera feminine
    • Design for winter operation must include self-draining pipes and winter nozzles if sprinkler irrigation is used.
    • A variation of this uses a stream of gas or liquid in the rocket nozzle to divert the exhaust flow.
    • The opening and closing of the fuel injector nozzles is controlled by a solenoid valve.
    • Its accessories include the necessary hoses, wands, nozzles, hydrant adapters and an injector.
    • The soft batter is piped through a star nozzle into hot oil.
    • Major oil companies have recently agreed to standardise the colour of their nozzles and hoses for unleaded and diesel pumps to reduce customer confusion.
    • Other ideas range from advanced cabin cameras to hidden nozzles that could pump sleeping gas into the fuselage.
    • Most current agricultural sprayers use hydraulic nozzles to meter and atomize the liquid into drops.
    • An inert gas then propels the liquid through an ultrasonic nozzle that atomizes it.
    • Hoses would need trigger nozzles, and washing the car on the pavement would be banned, along with using a hose to wash down paths and driveways.
    • I can feel the eyes on my back as I grab the hose and insert the nozzle into my car.
    • Water with a sprinkler set to a fine spray or a garden hose with a mist nozzle.
    • Movement was controlled by downward-pointing nozzles which could be directed by the pilot.
    • Set your hose nozzle to a fine mist so the water can soak in without causing erosion or disturbing the seeds.
    • When the liquid flows through the nozzle, the propellant rapidly expands into gas.
    • The chocolate dipped shortbread should have been piped with a fluted nozzle.
    • The rain continued to sprinkle lightly on them as though from the nozzle of a shower hose.
    • Complete filling the tank with water, then flush the cleaning solution through the boom, hoses, and nozzles.
    • The solution is delivered to the nozzles via a separate hose line which runs along the boom span using it as a support mechanism to mount each nozzle.
    • To increase performance, some low pressure spray nozzles are mounted on drop tubes below the pivot pipeline.