Translation of nuclear in Spanish:


nuclear, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈn(j)ukliər//ˈnjuːklɪə/


  • 1

    (fission/fusion) nuclear
    the nuclear debate el debate sobre la cuestión nuclear
    • nuclear power/energy energía nuclear
    • nuclear reprocessing plant planta de reprocesado de desechos / residuos nucleares / radioactivos
    • An attack on a nuclear power plant or other nuclear installation could result in a massive release of radioactive material.
    • The novel isotopes produced by the nuclear industry often mimic natural substances in the body.
    • Chirac, if asked, would probably think you were talking about the nuclear reprocessing plant at La Hague in Normandy.
    • There's maybe someone in Cumbria running a small nuclear power plant in their garden shed.
    • Not a single new nuclear reactor has been licensed since 1980.
    • The nuclear reprocessing plant at Thorp, Sellafield, is set to close by 2010.
    • Was Heisenberg on the brink of handing over nuclear energy secrets to the Third Reich?
    • The Malaysians claim they didn't know the parts were for a nuclear centrifuge.
    • During the initial nuclear radiation mostly Gamma rays are emitted from the fireball.
    • To generate electricity, we use hydroelectric power, coal and nuclear energy.
    • Britain will fail to meet new European targets for disposing of radioactive waste, the nuclear industry has admitted.
    • The result might be a chain reaction: a self-sustaining release of nuclear energy.
    • The ozone layer might be damaged by the release of nitrogen oxides from nuclear explosions.
    • There has been a virtual freeze on new nuclear reactors being built in Western Europe and North America.
    • At first, the program focused mainly on the use of nuclear energy for power generation.
    • If a number of countries build new nuclear reactors, how long would it last?
    • The highest priority targets remain within the aviation, petroleum and nuclear sectors.
    • Their strategy was for the first round to rely heavily on nuclear electricity and energy efficiency.
    • There are radiation leaks from nuclear power plants or nuclear reprocessing facilities.
    • Meanwhile the US public was becoming alarmed about nuclear fallout and its consequences.
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    nuclear submarine submarino nuclear masculine
    • nuclear power station central nuclear
    • the nuclear age la era nuclear
  • 3

    (warhead/missile) nuclear
    nuclear arms armas nucleares feminine
    • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Tratado de no proliferación de armas nucleares
    • nuclear shelter refugio atómico
    • In strategic terms, the most valuable kind of nuclear warhead is that launched from a submarine, as they are the hardest to locate and destroy before they're launched at you.
    • For all I know those scientists could have been working on nuclear warheads.
    • The controversial implication is that nuclear proliferation also secures peace under parity.
    • Imagine what the world would look like today if the Third Reich had been the first to possess a nuclear bomb.
    • Thus far, U.S. policy has been based on the premise that nuclear proliferation is necessarily inimical to U.S. interests.
    • The Defense Department wanted a network that could withstand a nuclear attack on the U.S.
    • Assuming nuclear use begets nuclear use, what would follow could be the next dark ages.
    • What are the consequences of the free proliferation of weapons, in particular of nuclear arms?
    • It really did seem as though the world could end in a blaze of nuclear fury at any moment.
    • Trainees were drilled on how to deal with the specific threats of chemical, biological and nuclear attacks.
    • The general public, and even men in authority, have not realised what would be involved in a war with nuclear bombs.
    • At the time, it seemed a large nuclear strike would disrupt communications networks to the point that command and control services would collapse.
    • Such isotopes, he pointed out, could have come only from a nearby nuclear reactor or a nuclear bomb.
    • So the small nuclear arsenals of France and China did deter the USSR.
    • Both countries also have a considerable nuclear capability in their Central Asian bases.
    • Our fears about a nuclear strike traditionally include the horrific death toll, the living envying the dead, etc.
    • We'll look at whether this country is doing enough and spending enough to prepare for a nuclear attack.
    • None of them ever believed that they were at risk of getting into the middle of a nuclear conflagration.
    • Personally, the thought of nuclear strikes in the Middle East, and our oil supply drying up causes me more concern.