Translation of nuclear-free in Spanish:


desnuclearizado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌn(j)uklɪ(ə)r ˈfri///


  • 1

    (zone) desnuclearizado
    • Can the Buddhist leadership call for nuclear-free zones?
    • Geraldton City Council is set to re-join the push to become a nuclear-free municipality.
    • Activists said that giving taxpayer's money to Taipower was contradictory to the government's goal of turning Taiwan into a nuclear-free homeland.
    • In the longer term, the only equitable solution is to make the whole region nuclear-free, with no exceptions.
    • The dynamics of the influential crusades for disarmament, a nuclear freeze, and nuclear-free zones are explored in great depth.
    • ‘We have the vision to eventually create a nuclear-free homeland,’ he said.
    • There's a strong feeling all around that the Czech government needs to take responsibility and keep Central Europe a nuclear-free zone.
    • In 1985 it concluded the Treaty of Raratonga, which declared the South Pacific a nuclear-free zone from December 1986.
    • Premier Chang Chun-hsiung also appealed yesterday to participants to remain calm in their campaign for a nuclear-free homeland and to be rational in their endeavors.
    • If we are really a nuclear-free country, why is radioactive material going up and down State Highway 1?
    • But we should campaign for a European nuclear-free zone, for massive reductions in European military expenditure and against international interventions.
    • In the 1980s, cities across the country declared themselves to be nuclear-free zones, and antiapartheid resolutions were common.
    • ‘The legislature has said it wants a nuclear-free country, but the decision was to resume construction of the plant,’ Shih said.
    • Yes, plus they've declared the country a nuclear-free zone, along with San Francisco and Cambridge, Massachusetts.
    • Many Australians imagine they live n a nuclear-free zone, an environment free from nasty nuclear radiation.
    • This momentous step means that one of Europe's leading economies will be nuclear-free by the time The Ecologist's 60th birthday arrives.
    • On Hiroshima Day 1962 CND met Prime Minister Holyoake to ask him to promote a Southern Hemisphere nuclear-free zone.
    • After much political bickering and financial losses, a deal was reached to continue building the plant but to make Taiwan a nuclear-free nation in the future.
    • Russia firmly rejected that information and stated that its naval forces follow their obligations to keep the Baltics a nuclear-free zone.
    • In the late 1970s strong opposition to the presence of US bases developed, and Iceland became a nuclear-free zone in 1985.