Translation of nuclear waste in Spanish:

nuclear waste

residuos nucleares, n.


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    residuos nucleares masculine
    residuos radioactivos masculine
    desechos nucleares masculine
    desechos radioactivos masculine
    • Demanding the right to continue destroying the environment is like nuclear power workers demanding the right to keep on producing nuclear waste.
    • Radioactive pollution is spread by rainfall and from nuclear waste products discharged into the sea, soil and air.
    • When dealing with quantities of nuclear waste, it make sense to plan for the long haul.
    • She has no objection to the process as such of discharging nuclear waste; obviously nuclear waste has to be dealt with.
    • It approved a plan to bury 77,000 tons of nuclear waste under the mountain.
    • There are much more efficient ways to kill than using radioactive nuclear waste.
    • Furthermore, in the future they will have to dispose of their own spent nuclear fuel and nuclear waste.
    • Jack Edlow told members the transportation of nuclear waste has been going on in the world since the 1950s.
    • We'll have clean power for our cars, at the price of hundreds of millions of tons of nuclear waste spread all over the country.
    • It also backed the return of reprocessed nuclear waste to Germany.
    • The Royal Academy of Engineering last year showed wind power to be twice as expensive as nuclear - even including the costs of nuclear waste.
    • Dubbed nuclear Titanics a fleet of ships carrying nuclear waste is passing Australian shores.
    • It's time we consider new nuclear reactors which produce less nuclear waste than before, he says.
    • More seriously, will they know where we dumped all that nuclear waste?
    • We transport nuclear waste from Lucas Heights all the way to France for reprocessing.
    • An internal report written by a manager at the Sellafield nuclear waste reprocessing plant was leaked this week.
    • Greenpeace has been lobbying for ten years to have all plutonium treated as nuclear waste not as potential reactor fuel.
    • Scientists are examining Humber estuary mud in the hope it could hold the key to the safe disposal of radioactive nuclear waste.
    • He added the best way to begin dealing with Britain's nuclear waste was to stop production of any more, and that every community named on the list should help halt it.
    • The main problem with fission engines is the controversy over nuclear waste.