Translation of nucleus in Spanish:


núcleo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈn(j)ukliəs//ˈnjuːklɪəs/

nounPlural nuclei

  • 1

    (of atom, cell, galaxy)
    núcleo masculine
    • Dense granules surrounding the nucleus are probably cytoplasmic organelles.
    • The cells possessed eosinophilic cytoplasm, well-defined cell borders, and vesicular nuclei with small, conspicuous nucleoli.
    • The harmless radio waves excite protons that form the nuclei of hydrogen atoms in the body.
    • Most atomic nuclei consist of clusters of protons and neutrons (which have no electrical charge).
    • The cells were characterized by large vesicular nuclei with single large nucleoli.
    • Electrons produce a small magnetic field as they spin and orbit the nucleus of an atom.
    • Electrons are found in clouds that surround the nucleus of an atom.
    • The cells had round or oval vesicular nuclei with multiple prominent nucleoli.
    • Every atomic nucleus consists of a certain number of protons, strongly bound to a certain number of neutrons.
    • Further, interphase nuclei appeared disintegrated and some mitotic figures were clumped together.
  • 2

    (central part, core)
    núcleo masculine
    to form the nucleus of sth constituir el núcleo de algo
    • At school, Qaddafi participated in a small group of politically active friends - a group which was eventually to form the nucleus of the Free Officers Movement.
    • The nucleus of the future Impressionist movement was born.
    • In 1911, the first dairy cows and other livestock arrived to become the nucleus of USDA's animal husbandry research activities.
    • It was a medieval library serving as the nucleus of a range of activities in the fields of art, religion, history and literature.
    • Senate House and a nucleus of colleges were built in Bloomsbury in the late 1930s.
    • In the middle of these green acres, a modest cluster of white greenhouses make up the nucleus of daily activity.
    • And at the moment there is not even the nucleus of a movement to achieve that.
    • He built the famous Stone House at Ooty that formed the nucleus of Government offices and is now part of the Government Arts College.
    • By the end of the 1850s a nucleus of business houses had been established.
    • His own drawings form the nucleus of an important collection of architectural drawings.
    • Christine Maggiore is the outspoken nucleus of a movement to help HIV-positive mothers who question medication.
    • If this proposal is accepted, the government together with the St Lucian organizations could have an extension of the mission in Brooklyn and an important nucleus for the St Lucian community.
    • It was happy to see the destruction of the Polish resistance movement, which had formed the nucleus of the support for the Polish government-in-exile.
    • These embryonic communities created an important nucleus for post-war migration, which was fuelled by economic factors.
    • The nucleus of the global movement against injustice will not - cannot, should not - be found in the centers of global privilege.
    • The Manchester centre is the nucleus of a hi-tech surveillance system and features an 18-metre monitor wall that can display up to 180 high-resolution images.
    • Without the ‘woman’, there will be a crippling lacuna, since it is her nurturing instinct that anchors the family making her a nucleus around which every member rallies.
    • As already stated, the placing of bets and payment of winnings form the nucleus of the gambling activity.
    • Fairs form the nucleus for frenetic autumn activity in London and New York, while a princely collection is auctioned at a fairy-tale castle in Germany
    • In addition to being the center of religious training and worship, the church served as the nucleus of social activities and a conduit for the dispersion of social services.