Translation of nude in Spanish:


desnudo, n.

Pronunciation /n(j)ud//njuːd/



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    desnudo masculine
    in the nude desnudo
    • The gallery had an early work by Tuke and a pastel, but did not have one of the famous nudes on beaches paintings.
    • Also on display will be luscious nudes, portraits and studies of children, many of which were made from pastels since lost.
    • She was one of the first women photographers to concentrate on nudes.
    • This is, after all, a humongous still life in a landscape setting, with nudes and animals strewn throughout.
    • Dutch photographer Carla van de Puttelaar creates very interesting nudes and portraits.
    • His sculpture included nudes, portraits, and scenes from everyday life, but he was best known for religious subjects.
    • He also, unusually, made three drawings of female nudes from life.
    • I had many other paintings, nudes, modern, and so on, but they didn't pay attention to those.
    • Her early work consisted mostly of impressionistic nudes and still lifes painted with a bold palette.
    • Paintings of fleshy nudes line the walls, and pillars are plastered with pictures of a chubby comic book character.
    • Modigliani's nudes were the subject of his only gallery show during his lifetime and the police shut it down.
    • Two years later, I photographed another set of nudes for a Japanese magazine.
    • Much of Feld's body of work is classic nudes or sensual images of the human body, both male and female.
    • All of Saville's monumental nudes employ photographic precedents, but not in any simple way.
    • Subjects range from female nudes to noblemen and children to animals and landscapes.
    • The truth is, not every art collector is an aficionado of nudes.
    • Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe images are on display, as well as several Picasso nudes and Rodin sculptures, including The Kiss.
    • The two robust and muscular nudes on this sheet have also been interpreted as Leonardo's response to Michelangelo's depictions of the male nude.
    • One obvious example was the British photographer Bill Brandt, famous for photographing nudes by using a wide angle lens on the camera.
    • This book shows his full range of paintings, everything from society figures to nudes to cowboys.


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    (man/woman) desnudo
    to pose nude posar desnudo
    • a nude portrait/study un desnudo
    • a nude scene una escena de desnudo
    • nude swimming is not allowed no está permitido bañarse desnudo