Translation of nudge in Spanish:


codear (ligeramente), v.

Pronunciation /nʌdʒ//nədʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (touch gently)
    codear (ligeramente)
    I nudged him as she entered the room lo codeé (ligeramente) cuando ella entró
    • The canteen was getting more and more cramped by the second and I found myself having to bump and nudge my way through the mass of students crowded in front of the exit.
    • When he was finished, he switched gracefully back to his notebook as if he'd never been interrupted, gently nudging the paper towards Grant with his right hand, the one he was not using to write.
    • So, she made her way to it and slowly nudged it forward, keeping a wary eye on him.
    • Joe bit his lip, then gently nudged Azara's foot with his own.
    • But like last year's computer, it's been nudged aside by new technology.
    • Close your hands over the newly formed hair roll and gently nudge the hair to the right in a rolling motion.
    • They nudged the door open, just wide enough to poke their heads out.
    • So I nudged the carton a little bit to push it away from the door and then I heard something splat.
    • They stay like this for who knows how long, exchanging kisses and enjoying each other's touch, until they're disturbed by the horse nudging his nose in between them.
    • Something gently nudged her side, and she jumped up in shock.
    • He was pressing his lips against hers harder and she felt him gently nudge his tongue against her lips.
    • The Chinese Central Bank nudged its currency higher against the dollar last week by 2 percent.
    • His foot gently nudged a wooden bowl full of water towards her field of vision.
    • I find a large spoon helps here, and then you can gently nudge the latke off the spoon into the oil.
    • When he saw her making no move to drink it he nudged it closer to her.
    • Now Cosey's hand nudges Genesis's sleeve gently - so gently that if he noticed, she could claim she didn't even know they were touching.
    • Sentences start, then stop; the subject matter is gently nudged in a slightly different direction.
    • Darren Young, alone on the line, reacted by nudging the ball with his knee.
    • ‘Hey,’ he said, nudging my side gently with his knee.
    • With that, he nudged the door open with his head, and went in.
  • 2

    (move, guide)
    empujar suavemente
    to nudge sb toward/into sth empujar a algn hacia/a algo
    • I nudged him forward, continuing to urge the horse toward the gate.
    • Laurie took a deep breath and then nudged her horse into a canter.
    • "This one'll do, " Avery whispered, nudging the horse forward.
    • I think physicians are being nudged back in that direction, and I am very encouraged by that.
    • Some lawmakers and families of Japanese abduction victims are calling on the government to impose the sanctions as a measure to nudge North Korea to respond to Japan's demands.
  • 3

    unemployment is nudging 50% in some areas el desempleo está rondando el 50% en algunas zonas
    • He revealed Russia's economic growth this year would nudge six per cent.
    • But I remind myself that above the waves, the temperature is nudging the 30s.
    • The transport firm was a stock market star during the 1990s, with its share price nudging close to the £3 level in 1998.
    • Further violence threatens to push the oil price - which is nudging towards record levels owing to unrest in the Middle East - even higher.
    • If a poll could be confined to those who are both informed and financially disinterested in the issue, the figure would be nudging zero.
    • Australia is an immigrant country, and these days nudging 50 per cent of the population have some non-English-speaking background.
    • That level of indebtedness is nudging towards 65 percent of our gross domestic product.
    • The temperature gauge was nudging 38 degrees centigrade at pitch level, that's nearly 100 in old money.
    • Her approval rating in New York is nudging 70 percent.
    • Those with long memories may recall that the share price was nudging the 100p level some 15 years ago.


  • 1

    golpe (suave) con el codo masculine
    to give sb/sth a nudge darle un golpe (suave) con el codo a algn/algo
    • they still haven't paid: it's time to give them a little nudge todavía no han pagado, hay que refrescarles la memoria
    • But I'm sure she will, when I need that nudge in the right direction!
    • One of the three guards escorting the Enforcer gave her a hard nudge with the butt of his rifle.
    • Why hasn't evolution programmed human babies to seek parental favor with pleasant sounds and gestures - a nudge, for example, or a hushed whimper?
    • Fortunately, no digits got slammed, but I quickly learned that it's necessary to give the slide stop a nudge to make sure it was engaged fully.
    • He turned and grinned at Michaela, promptly receiving a nudge in his shoulder from the ignored Snow.
    • It is like a pencil poised on its tip - it might be perfectly balanced but the slightest nudge pushes the pencil over and it never recovers this equilibrium point.
    • After that, it only took a simple nudge from Grand to reach victory!
    • My thought process was interrupted by a light nudge from Jase as we headed toward the car.
    • From there it was a question of nudges and pushes.
    • He felt a gentle nudge against his shoulder, and he stood up.
    • She then received a light nudge on her arm and she faced Jill again, ‘So do you go to the same school as Theodore?’
    • Conlon rose highest at the far post to knock the ball back across the face of the Boro goal to give Duffield a simple nudge home with his head.
    • Onam smiled warmly and gave White's shoulder a friendly nudge.
    • Anna gave him a friendly nudge with her shoulder.
    • The company has been hovering around profitability for a couple of quarters, and the cuts should give it an extra nudge toward the black.
    • The best theories suggest that gravitational nudges by Jupiter can throw main-belt asteroids into these smaller, more elliptical orbits.
    • When her foot collided with something hard, she gave it a light nudge, and then quickly flicked her eyes up to Josh to see if he'd noticed anything.
    • Think of the effort you would put into pushing a SUV, and compare that to the gentle nudge a toy car needs to get moving (well, before my son gets at it).
    • A slight nudge or unintentional push might well be a prelude to an exchange of oral abuse or fist fights.
    • Maybe the nudge wasn't as light as it was described.