Translation of nugget in Spanish:


pepita, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnʌɡɪt//ˈnəɡət/



  • 1

    pepita feminine
    a gold nugget una pepita de oro
    • a nugget of information un dato muy valioso
    • Will you be hunting for small objects like coins, jewelry and gold nuggets, or searching for a large cache or object?
    • Nearby Wickenburg is a tiny town, founded in 1863 when Henry Wickenburg discovered gold nuggets in a rock formation that he called Vulture Mine.
    • On display are fifty-five specimens, including nuggets and crystallized gold, from worldwide localities, with emphasis on Nevada and California.
    • The final chapter is an interesting collection of photographs of unusually shaped gold nuggets and masses.
    • But there are gold nuggets amid the gravel, and that's not just my opinion.
    • Gold nuggets by the pound were available from both the Lena River area of Russia as well as from Western Australia and Victoria, Australia.
    • In the 1981 Sydney performance, gold nuggets, a gold boomerang, and a live diamond python rested on the table.
    • But there may be gold nuggets at the bottom of the pan.
    • Through time, as the quartz is eroded away, the gold is concentrated as nuggets and dust in streams and erosional plains.
    • The well-known hoard of chemically inert gold, whose nuggets are not sharp enough to pierce the delegate membrane of a dragon's outer hide, forms a safe and comfortable nesting place.
    • The Tainos mined gold and beat the nuggets into small plates.
    • In economic terms, they are the gold nuggets in the economic mine of prosperity.
    • In January 1848, a work crew at John Sutter's mill, near Sacramento, California, came across a few select nuggets of gold.
    • Explaining the shape of gold nuggets has long been a problem, because they have neither the size nor the shape of gold fragments released from bedrock by weathering.
    • This declaration resulted in gold nuggets and samples beginning to accumulate in private collections all over Russia.
    • But it can also reward someone who tripped over a gold nugget on their way to pick up some more lumps of asphalt.
    • As part of this dream, he sent a group off to the north to start building a sawmill, and, of course, they came back saying they had found gold nuggets.
    • And I'll give each of you over a hundred gold nuggets to find her.
    • It would be interesting to compile real-life statistics like this about various products as these numbers are as difficult to find as marble-sized gold nuggets in a stream.
    • At one time, large nuggets of gold could be found lying on the Earth's surface.