Translation of null in Spanish:


Pronunciation /nəl//nʌl/


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    (not binding)
    to declare sth null and void declarar nulo algo
    • to render sth null and void anular / invalidar algo
    • It is of some interest perhaps that in the defence filed one of the grounds on which the lease is said to have been null and void is that it contained the consent of the second mortgagee.
    • The contention of the French Republic that Article 177 cannot be used to obtain from the Court a ruling that such an act is null and void is pertinent.
    • Days ago, the Senate declared null and void the amnesty laws passed by Carlos Menem.
    • So therefore his costs, which the AEC and the Council then pursued me for bankruptcy, his costs are therefore null and void, because he cannot present the issue of his costs.
    • Any law passed by a State, in violation of any constitutional privilege or immunity, would be null and void; the courts would not enforce it.
    • Yorkston is adamant that the club's lease is secure, but an expert on receivership told Scotland on Sunday that such leases could be declared null and void.
    • But the industry was of the opinion that the regulations were null and void, and warned that pharmacists prosecuted for reverting to the old pricing system could sue the state for damages.
    • But as part of Air Canada's financial reorganization plan, all unions must agree to concessions or else all deals previously reached are null and void.
    • One is that the statute be declared null and void because it conflicts with federal law, so it doesn't operate in the future.
    • All treaties and old ways of doing things are null and void.
    • A lot of my work challenges those mythologies and stereotypes to highlight the fact that all culture is essentially hybrid, and that the notion of purity is null and void.
    • He is complaining against an order issued in favour of the respondent which ruled that a power of attorney issued by the complainant in favour of an English firm of solicitors for litigation against the respondent was null and void.
    • One thing I do know is that if she has no license then your insurance is also null and void.
    • The orders I asked for that the warrant of possession, the writ of possession, the warrant of possession, and the notice to quit were null and void.
    • Such provisions may still appear to exist in State constitutions, but it cannot be enforced, so it is null and void and not part of the body of the law.
    • But Mr Gall confirmed that the process, likely to cost £30,000, would be null and void if North Yorkshire council were abolished.
    • Any agreement entered into on the basis that the couple were married (such as a separation agreement) would be null and void.
    • Counsel for ING submitted that once it is proven there was a breach and there was a loss arising out of the welding, the policy is null and void.
    • So the United States and interim government's agreements are null and void.
    • I elected to treat Justice Wallace's order as being null and void.
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    carácter nulo masculine