Translation of number in Spanish:


número, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnʌmbə//ˈnəmbər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(digit)

      número masculine
      in round numbers en números redondos
      • a six-figure number un número de seis cifras
      • Is it the numerator of a Bernoullian number, or one occurring in some continued fraction?
      • He is perhaps best known for playing a role in the development of the ASCII code for representing English characters as numbers.
      • Note that the allelic state for a pair of lineages is represented by two numbers in brackets.
      • She said they enjoy coming up with different combinations of numbers.
      • The whole number part starts off your list of numbers for the continued fraction.
      • We need to think more carefully about numbers and the mathematics we use to work with them.
      • The real number system consists of all numbers that can be represented by infinite decimals.
      • Finding the ideal ratio of words to numbers may prove a fruitful area for further research.
      • It made possible the standardization of texts as well as symbols, numbers, and figures.
      • Book 3 contains a description of how to carry out arithmetic with irrational numbers.
      • He considered computation with irrational numbers and polynomials to be part of algebra.
      • These are combined and shown both in actual numbers and as ratios in the bar graph.
      • Hyphenated words, symbols, numbers, and abbreviations were counted as one word.
      • It is a personal state of being that cannot be reduced to numbers and decimal points.
      • Vedic scholars did not use figures for big numbers in their numerical notation.
      • According to Bellavitis, the plane does not just provide a means to represent complex numbers.
      • For our geometrical problem, g is a positive number so the first value is the one we want.
      • We also counted the number of words, abbreviations, symbols, numbers, and values in each record.
      • For most purposes this number system could represent all the numbers which might arise in normal day to day life.
      • A child with a math disability has problems with numbers and math symbols.

    • 1.2(abstract quantity)

      número masculine
      a minus number un número negativo
      • Ham House's ghost tours are attracting an increasing number of visitors.
      • To date, the duo have sold two-and-a-half million albums and about the same number of singles.
      • Simply, step one involves estimating the expected number of substitutions per site accumulating between sampling times.
      • The EP has rejected the Council's common position on only a limited number of occasions.
      • But, such debates could attract only limited number of people and erudite scholars.
      • As our numbers grow too high, we bring down the excess population ourselves.
      • The numbers grow more staggering everyday, making the recovery from Hurricane Charley seem even more daunting.
      • All but one trial assigned an equal number of participants to the intervention and control groups.
      • Many departments already have instituted changes to methodology that have drawn growing numbers to literary studies.
      • Both airports claim they need a new runway to cope with increasing passenger numbers.
      • Five of the 10 harvested fruits were cut transversely to calculate the average locule number per fruit and average fruit.
      • To cope with the expected huge numbers of arrests 14 police garages are being converted into lock-up cages.
      • The airport will need to be able to facilitate quick flight turnarounds as well as deal with growing passenger numbers.
      • Metrolink had opened in 1992 and doubled its passenger numbers over the next nine years.
      • He said: " I'm alarmed by the growing number of occasions when guns are used.
      • However, the numbers have dwindled to less than a quarter what they once were.
      • Instead, a limited number of substitutions occur at each site.
      • The battlefields of Normandy are drawing increasing numbers of British visitors as the anniversary of D-Day approaches.
      • What do you do when people aren't flocking to dance music in the numbers they used to?
      • The museum has exceeded expected visitor numbers and hit its 300,000 annual target within its first six months.

  • 2

    • 2.1(for identification)

      número masculine
      telephone number número de teléfono
      • wrong number número equivocado
      • license / (British) registration number número de patente
      • identity number número de identificación
      • page/room number número de página/de habitación
      • I'm in number 17 estoy en la (habitación) 17
      • she lives at number 48 vive en el número 48
      • the England number 11 el número once inglés / de Inglaterra
      • he was wearing number 9 llevaba el dorsal 9
      • to do a number one/number two hacer pis/caca
      • At the Munich Lions he wears the number eight jersey.
      • Number eight seed Guillermo Coria upset Wimbledon finalist David Nalbandian to reach the semi-finals.
      • I cannot produce statistical data of vehicle numbers and velocities to corroborate these assertions, but I have no doubts.
      • If the numbers are different or the label is missing, then the unit has almost certainly been stolen and reprogrammed.
      • When travelling to the US, it pays to remember the combination numbers on your suitcase.
      • Relieved of the number three slot, Dravid had the occasional opportunity to play finisher.
      • Sequences included in this study and their accession numbers are listed in table 1.
      • Of course, many of my books are British editions with slightly different page numbers.
      • Greater Manchester Police issued a number for friends or relatives to contact.
      • A minimum of one Lotto ticket serial number is drawn from all valid tickets each Lotto draw.
      • At the moment I'm wrestling with huge combinations of ISBN numbers and country codes.
      • Why not just send them a phone book of every classified number in Great Britain.
      • A brief name description and gene ID accession number is given to the right hand side of each ratio.
      • I can't abide rock, not least because it has 7 different E numbers in it and smells horrible.
      • She has helped take George to the number three slot in the UK clothing market.
      • He will revert to the bench with his number eight slot assumed by skipper Kay.
      • The club has also issued a hotline number which residents can call if they have any complaints about the event.
      • Her third round opponent is none other than the Belgian number two seed Kim Clijsters.
      • Soon I had scribbled down phone numbers of five different institutions teaching English in Hong Kong.
      • In a tense final he was beaten by the championship's number two seed Bobby Brook.

    • 2.2(indicating rank)

      I'll need a reliable number two necesito un buen segundo de a bordo
      • they are currently at number five ocupan el quinto lugar
      • to be public enemy number one ser el enemigo público número uno
      • to look out for / after number one pensar ante todo en el propio interés
      • he's only interested in number one solo piensa en sí mismo
      • before noun he's hardly your number one fan no eres precisamente santo de su devoción
      • Spain's number one shoe manufacturer el primer fabricante de zapatos / el fabricante de zapatos líder de España

  • 3

    • 3.1(amount, quantity)

      número masculine
      student numbers el número de estudiantes
      • in a large number of cases en un gran número de casos
      • in a small number of cases en unos pocos casos
      • guess the number of beads in the jar adivina cuántas cuentas hay en el frasco
      • there are a number of reasons why you shouldn't go hay una serie de razones por las que no deberías ir
      • I've mentioned it a number of times lo he mencionado varias veces
      • on a number of occasions en varias ocasiones
      • any number can play puede jugar cualquier número de personas
      • times without number innumerables veces
      • actors of his talent are few in number actores como él hay pocos
      • their superior numbers made victory certain su superioridad numérica les aseguró la victoria
      • can you give me some idea of (the) numbers? ¿me puede dar una idea de cuántas personas serán?

    • 3.2(group)

      among / in their number en su grupo
      • I spoke to one of their number hablé con uno de ellos
      • she only invited us to make up the numbers solo nos invitó para hacer bulto

  • 4

    • 4.1(song, tune)

      número masculine
      • The sets and costumes are brilliant, as are the dance numbers and musical performances.
      • Charlie Smyth and the Cast of Cinderella will also perform a few numbers from their sell-out pantomime.
      • In Glasgow, pantos are a series of song and dance numbers strung together with a bit of patter.
      • In one of the program's dance numbers, he performed Topeng Dalem with refined and deeply touching movements.
      • Perhaps not as funny as they're intended to be, the song and dance numbers are highly entertaining just the same.
      • Basically what we have here is a nice, sentimental excuse for lots and lots of song and dance numbers.
      • Chadha's film joyously embraces the elaborate song and dance numbers that are the mainstay of Bollywood.
      • The cast were great and some of the upbeat numbers and high-energy dance routines were a joy to watch.
      • The directional effects here are utilized fully when the songs and dance numbers come into play.
      • One afternoon was filled with poetry readings, theatrical performances and dance numbers.
      • The performers will also tackle solo songs and duets, group numbers, character dances, duologues and slapstick.
      • I certainly had lumps in my throat - but only when I wasn't marvelling at the many spectacular dance numbers.
      • Intended for comic relief, the song and dance numbers come across as uninspired and robotic.
      • While you eat, Burmese dancers perform some traditional numbers accompanied by music of their own.
      • This engineering graduate has carved a niche for himself in Malayalam music with his melodious numbers.
      • Dance and music numbers were the major highlights of the programme.
      • Chow throws in big dance numbers, songs, humour and chase scenes that play like Wiley E Coyote trying to catch Roadrunner.
      • Skits, songs and dance numbers will be among the highlights of the show.
      • In summary: the major disappointment of Revenge of the Lisp is that there are no big song and dance numbers.
      • For her audition Natalie had to recite two drama pieces and perform three song and dance numbers.

    • 4.2(issue of magazine, journal)

      número masculine

    • 4.3informal (garment)

      modelo masculine
      she was wearing a smart little gray number llevaba un elegante modelito gris
      • Made of silky nylon and soft mesh, these little numbers feel so comfortable you may not want to take them off.
      • Noteworthy numbers were the knitted fur cardigans and the silver foil fur-lined jackets.
      • Last weekend, the Crown was packed with dinner jackets, black ties and pretty girls in scanty numbers.
      • Their new away shirt, launched this week, is a natty white number featuring an orange sash.
      • Her friend is one of those people who have no creativity so they just throw on some cat ears with some black slinky numbers.
      • The dress was a sleek, black number with tiny, silvery sequins along the low neckline.
      • Carhartt's roomy over-the-head numbers in soft red or mid-blue have equally roomy front pocket.
      • Or maybe it's a racy nouvelle vague number, all headscarves and bicycles made for two.
      • She pulled it off, to find a slinky black number, with thin spaghetti-straps and a jagged edge.
      • He found the car, a sleek little black number, and slid behind the wheel.

    • 4.4informal (individual)

      tipo masculine informal
      tipa feminine informal
      tío masculine Spain informal
      tía feminine Spain informal
      she's a hot little number es un cuero Mexico Chile informal

    • 4.5informal (thing, situation, scene)

      some people think teaching is a cushy number algunos piensan que la enseñanza es Jauja informal
      • this divorce has been a really heavy number for him el divorcio ha sido un buen palo para él

  • 5

    número masculine
    • Nouns are marked for gender, number, and case as well as for definite and indefinite forms.
    • There was a time a few years ago when the United States was spoken of in the plural number.
    • Countable nouns make a distinction between singular and plural number.
    • Human nouns have a distinct class marking mechanism based on number and gender.
    • It has a dual number, so nouns and verbs must be learned in singular, dual, and plural.
  • 6numbers plural

    • 6.1US informal

      (lottery) lotería feminine
      (illegal lottery) lotería clandestina feminine
      (en Colombia) (illegal lottery) chance masculine
      to play the numbers jugar a la lotería

    • 6.2US informal (results)

      I can't say anything till I see the numbers no puedo decir nada hasta ver las cifras
      • the show had spectacular numbers in New England el programa tuvo una audiencia enorme en Nueva Inglaterra

  • 7Numbers

    (el libro de) Números

transitive verb

  • 1

    (assign number to)
    (pages/houses/items) numerar
    a numbered (bank) account una cuenta (bancaria) numerada
    • Codes were kept in sequentially numbered opaque envelopes until just before use.
    • Amino acids are numbered consecutively for each species and indicated at the right margin.
    • They have printed cardboard disks that are numbered, and that is how service priority is assigned.
    • Each book and report form should be numbered for identification and kept for three years.
    • The forms will be sequentially numbered to record all proprietary plant and services purchases and any overspends or under spends to the budget.
    • The other series, known as the piezometer series, is numbered simply 1 to 104.
    • Each segment was named, numbered, and indicated on the log sheet reference.
    • Marked by colourful posts which are not numbered and which are situated at 1km intervals, walkers simply follow the Km signs, setting their own pace as they go.
    • All elements are hand signed and numbered by the artist, and retail for $1,250.
    • The paragraphs have been numbered for convenience of reference hereafter.
    • Timbers and stones have been numbered and their location recorded so the bridge will be put back together accurately, he said.
    • Editions are from 50 to 100 copies - signed and numbered by the artist.
    • Intron positions were numbered consecutively beginning at the N-terminus of the alignment.
    • Allocations were concealed in sequentially numbered opaque envelopes opened once written parental consent was obtained.
    • The permits shall be numbered consecutively at the time they are printed and shall be furnished by the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources.
    • Completion of this order will fill the 500 series with the balance of the order to be numbered 5101-5122.
    • The research assistants used consecutively numbered packs to allocate new participants to treatment groups.
    • The engineers providing the foam floor forms individually numbered more than 200 panels to match the architect's drawings.
    • We randomised patients individually using sealed, opaque, sequentially numbered envelopes.
    • Coffins are being numbered and marked with pictures of the dead inside.
  • 2

    (amount to)
    the spectators numbered 50,000 había (un total de) 50.000 espectadores
    • they number thousands son miles
  • 3

    the benefits are too many to be numbered los beneficios son innumerables
    • they are worthy to be numbered among the saints merecen que se los cuente entre los santos
    • I looked away, certain that every blade was numbered.
    • The number of subjects that I could discuss with my parents and claim genuine common experience could be numbered on the fingers of one hand.
    • You know, I really liked when he talked about this being a time for introspection and sort of looking at what we do and why we do it and numbering our days and making sure that the time that we have here is used wisely.
    • The few which manage to maintain the consistency and flow necessary to repeated listening can be numbered on the fingers of one hand.
    • And thy servant is in the midst of thy people, which thou has chosen, a great people, that cannot be numbered or counted for multitude.
    • A study appearing today in the journal Science reports that the hunter-gatherers seem to be the only group of humans known to have no concept of numbering and counting.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    he numbers among the greats of rock music figura / está entre los grandes del rock
    • The scientific staff will eventually number more than 200.
    • Metazoans inherited a genome of some still undetermined size, but certainly numbering many thousands of genes, from their protistan ancestor.
    • By 1920 the Catholic population numbered about seventeen million and included some twenty-eight ethnic groups.
    • The Beja represent the dominant ethnic group of eastern Sudan, numbering an estimated three million inhabiting a vast arid region that encompasses three countries: Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea.
    • I used to have a contacts list that numbered no more than four people.
    • As the officers tried to subdue Gomez, a fourth man began to assault the cops, who by now numbered three women and one man.
    • Last year's total Jewish immigration into Israel, numbering some 23,000, was a 15-year low.
    • But in 2000, Native Americans actually numbered closer to 2.5 million.
    • Sources within the disengagement authority say that's because so far the number of families filing for compensation are numbered in the dozens.
    • A crowd numbering in the thousands later marched on the nearest US base, hurling rocks and chanting anti-American slogans.
    • At this point, I have boxes full of books, probably numbering somewhere close to 2000.
    • In preparing the shows he draws on his own record and compact disk collection numbering in excess of 2,000.
    • I smiled and greeted those people I knew, who numbered in the several dozens.
    • By 1933 it numbered some two million, double the size of the army, which was hostile to them.
    • The military forces number about fifteen thousand and are among the best trained in Africa.
    • Current playable songs number only in the hundreds.
    • In preparing the shows he draws on his own record and compact disc collection numbering in excess of 2,000.
    • Homes numbering in the tens of thousands have been destroyed or damaged beyond repair.
    • At the last two events, the crowds numbered in the millions.
    • And huge sea turtles numbering in the tens of millions flourished in the Caribbean.
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