Translation of number plate in Spanish:

number plate

matrícula, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnəmbər pleɪt///



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    matrícula feminine
    placa feminine Latin America
    patente feminine Southern Cone
    chapa feminine River Plate
    • The fake number plate has a GB sign on it while the car has a different road tax to Mrs Onifade's own Renault Clio.
    • From next month police will be able to crosscheck automatically a number plate with a list of vehicles without a valid MOT certificate.
    • Photos don't quite do it justice: it looks better both in real life and with a number plate visually breaking it up.
    • The driver of the wrecker summoned to remove the damaged cars was also charged for not displaying his number plate.
    • The eye of the cop is primarily on the number plate of the vehicle.
    • It had four doors, windshield wipers, mirrors, exhaust pipe and a number plate.
    • There is no sign of the taxi, only its number plate has been found.
    • The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds asked motorists to record the number of dead insects on their number plate on a journey in June.
    • An example is the release for the boot lid which is recessed above the rear number plate.
    • The only sign of Johnson's spending was a people-carrier bearing a personalised number plate in the driveway outside the house.
    • Why not get a personalised number plate straight from the DVLA?
    • It reads a portion of your number plate, and reads it again, works out your speed, and if there is slow traffic it shows up on their system.
    • They would use lasers to record the gap between two vehicles over a given distance, their speeds and the number plate of the offending driver.
    • Mr Clarke says the tolling system could take the form of registering a disc inside the car or reading the number plate.
    • His front number plate was ripped off in the collision.
    • Officers checked his number plate with the DVLA and then issued the fine. Now he must fork out almost half of his weekly pension to pay.
    • You will also need an illuminated number plate at the rear of the unit.
    • As pointed out by a friend of mine, they do not have a number plate at the front, so it would appear that the cameras are there merely to catch the unsuspecting car driver.
    • Other drivers who have registered can key the number plate into their phone.
    • When you go past the next sign your number plate is read again.