Translation of nursery in Spanish:


cuarto de los niños, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnərs(ə)ri//ˈnəːs(ə)ri/

nounPlural nurseries

  • 1

    (in house)
    cuarto de los niños masculine
    habitación de los niños feminine
    • The only way the couple can stop this is by claiming that Marie is pregnant and that they will need their spare room as a nursery.
    • The accommodation includes an entrance hall, living room, a kitchen, utility, four bedrooms, a nursery, three bathrooms, and a chapel.
    • I suppose at some point we need to start thinking about decorating the nursery.
    • They had already bought clothes and decorated a nursery for the child they expected to adopt.
    • Stained glass panels carrying colourful images of cartoon characters are placed in nurseries and rooms assigned to children.
    • I stood in the nursery in Violet's house and looked around.
    • She shook her head, closing the door and jogging through the house to the nursery to see to her daughter, unable to wipe the smile from her face.
    • It had a living room, a dining room, a nursery, three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a huge kitchen fitted out like the galley of an old Cunarder.
    • Converting a spare room into a nursery can easily take £1,000 from the budget.
    • The hallway leads to a nursery, downstairs toilet and kitchen and utility area to the rear of the house.
    • As he turns, he spies a dark figure entering the terrace from one of the other rooms, possibly the nursery, carrying a small bundle.
    • He spent the next fifteen minutes searching through a dozen different rooms before trying the nursery.
    • They're decorating the nursery, trading in the car for a minivan.
    • I knew soon enough Lizzie would demand her own room outside of the nursery and I had convinced Adam to redo one of the rooms on the third floor.
    • There are two bedrooms on the ground floor and two upstairs but there is also an unusual room which could be changed into a nursery if an extra room was needed.
    • They went and tucked in the twins, said goodnight to Jane as she went off to her room next to the nursery and went back down to the kitchen.
    • She checks the upstairs sitting room, then the nursery, then rushes downstairs to find Gabe in his office.
    • He suddenly recalled the sight of Kass in the nursery of his house, staring up at him, with the crib mobile's lullaby playing in the background.
    • The stairs lead to another living room, master bedroom and bathroom, game room, nursery, and three bedrooms.
    • Melinda explained that it had originally been the old schoolmaster's room adjoining the nursery.
  • 2

    (at workplace)
    guardería feminine
    • Changes in higher education are only part of changes throughout an educational system and cannot be seen separately from strategies for nurseries, primary schools or vocational training.
    • Mariella eventually wants to run her own nursery and says that Just Learning is teaching her well.
    • Builders are on target to finish a new neighbourhood nursery and children's centre by the end of next month.
    • The result is a new day care nursery for pre-school children in Appleby.
    • There is a range of private and public nurseries, kindergartens, and play schools.
    • The strikes have so far hit over 400 council-run nurseries.
    • The group also runs two independent schools and three private nurseries in Wakefield and Barnsley.
    • Now, only private or state run day care nurseries are available to parents of pre-school children in Skipton.
    • As a result of inadequate funding, more than 80 percent of the teachers and attendants in nurseries and kindergartens have received no training for the positions they fill.
    • Finally, governments could respond to the rising demand for education at all levels by investing heavily in public education, in nurseries and primary and secondary schools, as well as in universities.
    • Until he stared school at Easter, my 5 year old son attended a local day nursery.
    • Some are cared for at a private nursery from the age of three months.
    • A new neighbourhood nursery and parent and child centre will help mums and dads back to work.
    • A Chippenham neighbourhood nursery has thanked its supporters following a very successful first six months.
    • The centre is Bury's only council-run nursery and cares for up to 80 children a day.
    • A children's nursery which has become a target for vandals needs help to protect itself.
    • The couple are taking Italian lessons and their son attends the village nursery.
    • Surely the Dental Authority could visit nurseries and schools to educate youngsters in dental health.
    • Families with enough money to pay for places in private nurseries have done well under New Labour.
  • 3

    (for plants)
    vivero masculine
    • It's resistant to humidity diseases, and is readily available at the specialist fruit tree nurseries.
    • Check with your local nursery or horticultural organization for details on alternative landscape species.
    • In addition to local nurseries, hostas are available from several mail-order nurseries.
    • The nursery has expanded to include a tree nursery where saplings are grown on to maturity for sale.
    • All landscape plants for sale in nurseries should be required to have a numerical allergy rating on each container.
    • Garden centers and mail-order nurseries sell the Flower Pouch and similar products under different names in various sizes.
    • Amos raised cattle and had a side business running a tree nursery.
    • She visited nurseries with her friend Sara Lynch to learn about plants.
    • The figs have been placed alongside the baby peach trees in the tree nursery.
    • Marketing in the form of branding comes to your local plant nursery.
    • Keith built up a wholesale nursery selling shrubs and plants in bulk to outlets around New Zealand.
    • As with any shrub, buy your plant from a knowledgeable retail or mail-order nursery.
    • While at his website you can learn how to start your own profitable backyard nursery.
    • These gardeners may make note of those plants they'd like to add to their personal landscapes and seek them out at nurseries or special plant sales.
    • Native orchids are offered by some commercial nurseries with the assurance that none have been collected from the wild.
    • Most plant catalogs and nurseries contain a selection of fruit trees that can be grown in containers.
    • The plant nursery which is situated at the back of the Parish Hall is open daily.
    • As an experiment I bought in 12 different varieties of spray chrysanthemum from a specialist nursery.
    • Unusual species may have to be sought from specialist nurseries.
    • Ten specialist nurseries, all small independent businesses from Yorkshire, will display and sell their plants.
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    (breeding ground)
    semillero masculine
    a nursery for young talent un semillero de jóvenes talentos