Translation of nurture in Spanish:


criar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈnəːtʃə//ˈnərtʃər/

transitive verb

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    (child/person) criar
    (person/child) educar
    (plant/crop) cuidar
    (friendship) cultivar
    (emotion/feeling) nutrir
    (emotion/feeling) alimentar
    • Maybe we rushed too fast towards the dream we had secretly nurtured or maybe it just was just a chimera.
    • She nurtured the hope of becoming a teacher, a field of endeavour that received the approval of both parents.
    • In reality, both soldiering and nurturing children are vital forms of public service.
    • Others inside the party nurtured hopes of a return to past Stalinist glories or some form of militant syndicalism.
    • For a long time Vavilov nurtured the hope that he would be allowed to go to the Congress.
    • But there is also a sense that many of those who complain bitterly about the direction of government policy still nurture the hope that Tony is really on their side.
    • Pakistan, on the other hand, have serious worries ahead of the match and need to sort their bowling problems if they nurture any hope of a series-levelling comeback.
    • After a couple of years as Rajya Sabha member, he nurtured hopes of being chief minister of the state.
    • You can say something that will either nurture the relationship or tear it down.
    • A travel agent by day and dreamer by night, he nurtures idealistic hopes of becoming a TV writer.
    • Geddes nurtured the belief that common ground in culture, if used wisely, could do society real, practical good.
    • The workshop would go a long way in nurturing female talent, she avers.
    • Properly nurtured the two central defenders have huge senior careers ahead of them.
    • The older man stored away in the trunk of his mind dates and memories from his own career, while his son nurtured the same ambitions he once had.
    • Having come this far, the city government now nurtures more ambitions.
    • But did he nurture ambitions to return to Queen Margaret Drive?
    • He also nurtures a dream about this land which includes the virgin patch of forest, Silent Valley.
    • However, their lovingly nurtured plots could be swallowed up by Eastleigh Council's plans to build hundreds of homes.
    • The mother nurtures the children and manages the household; the father legally provides for the family and the home.
    • The Golden Quartet line up was a dream Smith had nurtured for some 30 years till their formation in 2000.
    • Many had nurtured hopes that a major clearout would be made, opening the door for a large number of appointments.
    • So how are churches today seeking to nurture the next generation of Christian social activists?
    • Her current heartthrob is superstar Shah Rukh Khan and she nurtures an ambition to meet up with King Khan.
    • At Mia's Montessori, each child's love of learning is carefully nurtured.
    • Johnson also intends to nurture a new generation of " engaged political voices".
    • They also want to maintain their carefully nurtured relationships with individual solicitors.
    • She nurtures creativity, including student compositions, and promotes a lifelong love of music.
    • But she never nurtured her talents by painting either for pleasure or for business.
    • "Hopefully we are nurturing the next generation of black and Asian magistrates.
    • But maybe they nurture this belief that they live in a classless society and these status considerations conflict with that.
    • Doherty took the rural heartlands he has so carefully nurtured over the past four years.
    • Then, properly nurtured, they would be " hatched " into the real world as fully formed companies.
    • My mother had nurtured a hidden ambition to visit the Holy shrines of Badrinath and Kedarnath.
    • Agreed - a certain amount of natural skill is required - but that skill needs to be properly nurtured.
    • Soldiers' allegiances were stronger towards their generals than the discredited deputies and army leaders began to nurture political ambitions of their own.
    • The church is the seedbed of gospel preachers, and we must value and nurture what God plants among us.
    • "Lobby groups " are destroying " the harmony that nurtures creativity".
    • The assistance these support services provide can help institutions create a more nurturing learning environment.
    • America identifies and nurtures talent more methodically than any society I have heard about.
    • I have nurtured this ambition since I was a schoolgirl, but it was 17 years before I got around to achieving it.



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    crianza feminine
    educación feminine