Translation of nutrient in Spanish:


nutriente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnjuːtrɪənt//ˈn(j)utriənt/


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    nutriente masculine
    sustancia nutritiva feminine
    • To avoid accumulation of nutrients in the growth media, the sand was flushed once every week with water.
    • Sugary drinks such as sodas fill you up with calories but provide no real nutrients.
    • Mineral nutrients such as potassium are transported readily in the phloem.
    • Nitrogen has a favourable position among the essential nutrients in soil.
    • Generally, side dishes serve to add flavor to the rice rather than provide nutrients.
    • Most plants rely on a symbiotic fungus to aid them in acquiring water and nutrients from the soil.
    • Mangoes are rich in the nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin that appear to help preserve our eyesight as we age.
    • The Directive will limit the allowed doses of nutrients, initially vitamins and minerals.
    • They replenish nutrients, restore blood sugar levels and help rehydrate the body.
    • Root growth defines the extent to which a plant explores soil for water and mineral nutrients.
    • As blood is pumped around the body, it carries oxygen and nutrients that are essential for life.
    • They also play an important role in allowing nutrients and other chemicals to pass in and out of cells.
    • The three major nutrients in river water are carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus.
    • The faster we can clean the blood, the more nutrients and oxygens the blood can carry.
    • Some essential nutrients have no stores in the body, so we need regular supplies from food.
    • Like the body's normal cells, cancer cells need a supply of oxygen and other nutrients to survive and grow.
    • The findings indicated that four out of ten women eat a diet that is likely to deprive a child of essential nutrients.
    • It also dismisses laboratory evidence which suggests that nutrients can help the growth of algal toxins.
    • The high moisture content and nutrients in cooked food make this growth possible.
    • Many cultures have developed lunch which rather precisely balances essential nutrients.