Translation of nutrition in Spanish:


nutrición, n.

Pronunciation /n(j)uˈtrɪʃ(ə)n//njʊˈtrɪʃ(ə)n/


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    nutrición feminine
    • The use of growth charts is essential as indices of health and nutrition to track a child's progress as she grows.
    • Nutritional status is a sensitive indicator of community health and nutrition.
    • These clinics provide education on health and nutrition for mothers and monitor their children's growth.
    • Most of the suffering due to sickness could be avoided if we knew the basics of health, exercise and nutrition.
    • The response of wheat in this medium in terms of growth, and nutrition of the plant as a whole, was described earlier.
    • He gave a very informative talk on health and nutrition and increasing your energy levels and fighting degenerative diseases.
    • About 35 Irish companies are active within the health, nutrition and functional food and drink sectors.
    • People are constantly treating what they consider to be newer ideas about nutrition or health therapies as personal, rather than political.
    • Maya aims at making a difference to the children's learning abilities, their health and nutrition.
    • If you want to add muscle mass, you have to make the necessary nutrition sacrifices.
    • The same gains in nutrition, health, and safety are surely to be sought and welcomed in less developed nations.
    • An early task for the new Food Standards Authority involves exercising wisdom over a classical problem in public health nutrition.
    • In fact, the Food and Drug Administration recently made it easier for companies to make health and nutrition claims on food.
    • When crops grow quickly and with balanced nutrition, the growth can compensate for slight damage.
    • In Australia four food groups are recognised as providing the basic nutrition for health and fitness.
    • Who says college students are out-of-shape party animals with no regard for basic health and nutrition?
    • Health, nutrition, and protein are now at the top of the agenda.
    • There is a direct link between nutrition and health.
    • Improvements in the public health of women with associated gains in female growth and nutrition must remain a longer term goal.
    • Having suffered from asthma and eczema as a child, she believed there was a strong link between nutrition and health.