Translation of O level in Spanish:

O level


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    (in UK formerly)
    estudios de una asignatura en preparación del examen que solía rendirse alrededor de los 16 años y certificado otorgado
    • It was 40 years ago today that I got my GCE O-level results.
    • Geraldton Grammar is one of only two schools in WA, undertaking the O level design and communications course set by Cambridge University.
    • I'm going to spread a tale that he failed his O-level arithmetic.
    • Maybe I'm wrong - I did fail my maths O level in 1975, but since then I have learned to use a calculator.
    • I'm sure that I saw Jack put a black beret and a striped jumper into his overnight bag and he's been brushing up his O-level French.
    • I myself did not know much about the People's Charter until I studied for my O level economic and social history examination.
    • They will get their GCSE results today, but their O-level results are being kept secret until the end of the five episodes on September 2.
    • We have heard of cases where the mother qualified for ERC, but hasn't kept her O-level certificates all these years.
    • One by one and in alphabetical order the pupils at the fictional King's School were called up to a school stage lined with their teachers, to learn their O-level results in front of a hall filled with their parents and fellow pupils.
    • Mr Rosenberg was my O-level Physics teacher at comprehensive school.
    • Where was that knowledge in 1974 when I managed to get just 1 O level from the 9 I took.
    • David left school with one O level after failing his 11-plus.
    • Everyone must follow an academic curriculum and write O level in four years.
    • I attended the British School of Paris and studied art as an O-level subject.
    • The Nuffield O level syllabus covered this in year 9, along with lots of optics, including reflection, refraction, diffraction and telescopes.
    • Aged 20, Kay decided to go to Liverpool University, telling the administrators that he had A-Levels in psychology and English literature, when the only qualification he had was O-level art.
    • Unfortunately, my O-level French is a distant memory.
    • ‘My only academic achievement after leaving school was in 1969, when I gained an O level in English at Shipley College at the age of 23,’ said Mr Walsh.
    • As someone who has taken both the old O-level maths and the GCSE version he is also one of the few people who can pass judgment on whether exams really have got easier.
    • It offers A-level and O-level courses as an alternative to the Leaving Cert.