Translation of obey in Spanish:


obedecer, v.

Pronunciation /ə(ʊ)ˈbeɪ//əˈbeɪ//oʊˈbeɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (instructions/person) obedecer
    (instincts) seguir
    just obey your conscience haz lo que te dicte la conciencia
    • Jace always obeyed his mother, and respected her to the utmost.
    • I want to strictly obey the principle that any difference theoretically impossible to detect is no difference at all.
    • This field obeys the expected equations of motion for an electromagnetic vector potential in four spacetime dimensions.
    • So the Planck length arises naturally when we ask what is the minimal size object we can make which doesn't collapse into a black hole and which obeys the uncertainty principle.
    • My kids will one day set up their own household and I hope they will always love me, but they are certainly not going to always obey me.
    • ‘No, you better go too,’ we obeyed him and followed the other vampires into the lounge.
    • According to them citizens must live and obey the governing rules of their society, but only contractually.
    • The distribution of probability amplitudes obeys wave-like equations, the amplitude changing in space-time like a wave does.
    • Both generators obey the first ground rule of satire: meticulous observation.
    • Dutifully, Eaton obeyed his mother and followed her, but he could not help but look behind him.
    • I immediately chased after her, obeying her as I always did.
    • He was meant for royalty and people always obeyed him.
    • He learned the way of holiness by obeying his Father.
    • The intelligence chief agreed to obey his political masters, and the fell deed was done.
    • One need only consider Black Holes to see how Existence obeys rules which are difficult for our minds to accept.
    • Sure web space is not free space, but you'd think a website especially devoted to dissenting opinions would tend to obey its own principles.
    • Everyone around Alan always obeyed Jason and Alan himself was no exception to the rule.
    • They are taught to be polite, obey their parents, and defer to authority.
    • Bellaria's death obeys the principle brought out in Ovid, that the fulfillment of the wish to know the object of desire only circumvents the logic of desire and destroys the object itself.
    • Though sympathetic toward General Tang, Li said he still felt compelled to criticize General Tang for not obeying the moral principles of the military to never reprove superior officers.
    • A woman used to be required to obey her father before marriage, her husband during married life, and her sons in widowhood.
    • You are protected by me and my power like every other vampire who follows and obeys me.
    • The most satisfying examples of it occur when the nonsense operates according to the rules of an anarchic universe, and obeys logic within this context.
    • In this matter of seizing a child as you put it, which is against our laws, we cannot obey you.
    • Well, that is until I am lynched by my fellow passengers for not obeying the unwritten rules of travel on the London Underground.
    • A love story between Adele and Rannulph could have obeyed cinematic formulas, but it doesn't.
    • The subjects must obey the emperor, and sons must obey their father.
    • Keziah didn't know how much authority he had, but found herself obeying him anyway.
    • No matter that we didn't obey the golden rules - we were adults who could look after ourselves.
    • They also proceeded to explore the reasons why gases do not always behave ideally and obey this equation.
    • It can have that appearance only if it appears to obey certain principles.
    • The world looked on, deaf to pleas to intervene, and even when the president last week removed freedom of the press, the Commonwealth only uttered pious warnings about obeying democratic principles.
    • They are no longer puritanical and oriented to obeying an authoritarian God.
    • He knew that his people would always obey him, but no one ever visited him just to talk.
    • Though Helge obeyed his father and joined the business, he spent every spare moment studying art, travelling constantly.
    • But my fear of my father forced me to obey him and I cautiously made my way to the parlor.
    • The melancholic's experience is very different, partly because the loss being grieved rarely obeys the reality principle.
    • People obeyed him because they were afraid of him; they feared him because he was a murderous thug, surrounded by an entourage of murderous thugs.
    • These two characteristics appear to be stable under many growth conditions and their inheritance obeys the rules of normal Mendelian genetics.
    • He said obedience brought about prosperity to any body that vowed to look to obeying God's principles.

intransitive verb

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