Translation of objection in Spanish:


objeción, n.

Pronunciation /əbˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)n//əbˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (argument against)
    objeción feminine
    that's a valid objection es una objeción válida
    • to make/raise/voice an objection hacer/poner/expresar una objeción
    • I've no objection: we can go wherever you like no tengo inconveniente, podemos ir a donde quieras
    • I'm going out: any objections? voy a salir ¿alguna objeción / algún inconveniente?
    • objection that objeción de que
    • he raised the objection that the company was short of funds puso la objeción de que la compañía estaba escasa de fondos
    • objection to sth objeción a algo
    • is there any objection to my being present? ¿existe alguna objeción a que / algún inconveniente en que yo asista?
    • It led to the highest number of objections ever received by Ilkley planners to a single application.
    • The Highways Authority has not raised any objections to the principle of the access road.
    • Why do they think so many people raised objections to the invasion in the first place?
    • However, objections have been raised by canoeists who fear their sport may suffer.
    • The firm says it has been surprised by the amount of objections raised by planning officers.
    • If you have any further objections or points to raise, please feel free to comment.
    • He explained that applying for a new licence gave greater scope for objections to be raised.
    • It is the second time the plans have raised objections from the town council.
    • This has now been put right and residents will have the opportunity to raise objections if they wish.
    • In the review he raised some objections and also claimed that he had been the first to prove some of the results.
    • There have been a number of objections so far and it remains to be seen how the issue will be resolved.
    • Could some expense be spared had the council taken account of what local concerns and objections are?
    • Apparently, the administration knew about the trip and raised no objections.
    • I review and present my objections to every planning application on this site.
    • An inquiry is pending on one refusal and the deadline for objections to the recent application is today.
    • They unanimously approved the project despite strong objections from some patients.
    • It will allow residents to seek a review of licences at any time and raise objections when they are applied for.
    • They said that the President either had already signed it or was about to when objections were raised in Congress.
    • The shop used to be a newsagent and the move sparked objections from residents, who got up a petition to fight it.
    • Traffic is a common theme of the concerns expressed in the objections to the quarry.
  • 2

    objection! ¡protesto!
    • objection overruled no ha lugar a la protesta
    • objection sustained / upheld ha lugar a la protesta
    • At the very least McConnell needs a convincing answer to this objection before his plan goes further.
    • It also agreed with the council's objection to selecting children based on computing ability.
    • Whilst we have no objection to competition, this one-sided battle is madness.
    • It was opposed by Frinton and Walton Town Council and two neighbours also sent in letters of objection.
    • Normally the town council planning committee states that it either objects to or has no objection to plans.
    • Now local people are mounting a campaign of objection in what could be the first test of the village design statement.
    • This position, even if internally consistent, would seem to be open to grave objection.
    • A more serious objection is that he was doing the prime minister's bidding.
    • The application is open to objection and is likely that the whole process will take many months.
    • Yesterday it emerged that Swindon Council has agreed to the application without objection.
    • There were 14 letters of support for the scheme and eight letters of objection.
    • All of the explanations are open to serious objection: it may well be that none of them is correct.
    • He said one objection carried the same weight as objections from a large number of people.
    • A spokesman at the council has said it has already received 37 letters of objection to the plans.
    • To my editorial consternation, he has no objection to being seen as didactic in his novels.
    • This is an ingenious and illuminating argument, but it is open to serious objection.
    • I've looked at your site, and I have no objection to the excerpt from my essay that is presented there.
    • He cannot take what he says to have the respectable standing of real criticism or real objection.
    • Letters of objection were received from two neighbours who said two houses would be over development.
    • The current planning system does not appear to have any mechanism for negotiation only for objection.
  • 3

    (disapproval, dislike)
    the plan met with the objection of the clergy el plan se encontró con la oposición del clero
    • I have no objection to her no tengo nada en contra de ella
    • I have no objection to his coming too no tengo ningún inconveniente / ningún reparo en que venga él también