Translation of obligation in Spanish:


obligación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɑbləˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n//ɒblɪˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (duty, requirement)
    obligación feminine
    moral/legal obligation obligación moral/legal
    • family/professional obligations prevented me from attending compromisos familiares/profesionales me impidieron asistir
    • I feel/have an obligation to my parents me siento obligado/tengo una obligación para con mis padres
    • obligation to + inf obligación de + inf
    • we have an obligation to help them tenemos la obligación de ayudarlos
    • there's no obligation to buy no hay obligación de comprar
    • to be under an obligation (to + inf)
    • it has placed me under an obligation to help her me ha puesto en el compromiso de tener que ayudarla
    • I understand that I am under no obligation and may return it at any time entiendo que no contraigo ninguna obligación y puedo devolverlo en cualquier momento
    • Those who are left behind have an obligation, a duty, to retrain, move or do whatever it takes to find gainful employment.
    • We must do our utmost to honor the obligations contained in these commitments.
    • The adjudicator's decision, although not finally determinative, may give rise to an immediate payment obligation.
    • By virtue of his royal birth, Prince Charles enjoys great privileges and, therefore, has a greater obligation to put duty before his own selfish whims.
    • Once the notice period expired, the Bank was entitled to proceed with the sale, of course with an obligation to account.
    • She has a duty and an obligation to report such misconduct as people stealing things.
    • ‘We have a duty and an obligation if we're going to put on a show like this to deliver buyers to that arena,’ Wallace said.
    • They may not be of any importance strategically or politically, but we have an obligation to maintain our commitment to them.
    • It is time now to initiate an equally important quest for the acceptance of human duties or obligations.
    • By imposing a retroactive child support obligation, I have also accommodated Grace's payments.
    • I've always seen my right to vote as an obligation - a duty of citizenship; the ‘right thing’ to do.
    • But Miss Mountfield told the judges that the Returning Officer's duty extended beyond an obligation to ‘deliver to the deliverer’.
    • Her equalization payment obligation to her husband can then be satisfied by reducing the amount of his support arrears.
    • The obligations and duties of insurers doing direct selling need to be spelt out explicitly.
    • A father legally has obligations to the child after its birth until its adulthood.
    • Rachel heard herself asking, never before considering that he would have had a previous obligation before vocalizing his commitment to her.
    • Legally the gross obligations may remain, but the means by which they are discharged is modified.
    • Thus, if the proper law of the payment obligation is country Y, its moratorium will be given effect.
    • In the absence of any promise, agreement or obligation to make the payment when he acquired, took possession of or used the money, he had given no consideration within the meaning of the Act.
    • The student, of course, has an obligation to do everything possible to grasp, absorb, and integrate that information and then implement it.
    • To conform to these duties and obligations is to be rational; to fail to measure up to them is to be irrational.
    • He then requires man to work hard, fulfill his duties and meet his obligations.
    • She has become an artist only after completing her commitments and obligations.
    • The activities of political participation and public deliberation, on this view, should not be seen as a burdensome obligation or duty, but rather as intrinsically rewarding.
    • The duty surely includes an obligation to investigate suspicious proposals and to reject those animated by hostility to religion.
  • 2

    (financial commitment)
    compromiso masculine
    the firm was unable to meet its obligations la compañía no pudo hacer frente a sus compromisos