Translation of observe in Spanish:


observar, v.

Pronunciation /əbˈzərv//əbˈzəːv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(watch carefully)

      police observed the suspect closely la policía vigilaba de cerca al sospechoso
      • Staying to the shadows and being careful not to step on any sticks that were still being hidden by unmelted snow, she watched and observed him.
      • His style is very Sherlockian because he observes things closely and notices details others miss.
      • Some quite inquisitive - and even proprietorial - individuals came close, begging for food and carefully observing us whilst we worked in the water.
      • Allison observed the landscape, registering small details she hadn't noticed the first time.
      • You are to watch them carefully and observe them.
      • Sophia had already moved onto the next Guard, observing her carefully and giving her the once-over.
      • Carefully observe someone whose gesticulation style you like.
      • They were just observing her, watching her every move, her every breath.
      • He only observed me carefully, that frightful smile never leaving his lips.
      • He observed her carefully as she lifted the plastic fork to her lips and ate the noodles, white sauce smearing on her lips.
      • She tilted her head to the side, observing him carefully.
      • In the meantime, they simply observe him and watch him grow.
      • She forced herself to keep her eyes off of him, although she could tell he was observing her carefully.
      • It rose it's head, observing her carefully and heaving a bit as she pulled herself into the saddle and took the reins in hand.
      • As we filled our plates with warm food, I watched my family observe him carefully, wondering what it was in him that made me like him.
      • She was watching us, observing us, and there was a knowing smile on her elfin face that sent a shiver down my spine.
      • There was another boxer out on the ring, and Forte, having nothing else to watch, observed him shadowbox.
      • While he stood there, the girl observed him carefully through her still wet eyelashes.
      • He observed Michelle carefully for a moment and was startled to find that she seemed to be telling the truth.
      • A thick wet mop of dark hair clung to his head, a look of concern fixed onto his handsome face, as he seemed to carefully observe her.

    • 1.2(perceive, notice)

      he was observed entering/leaving the building se lo vio entrar/salir del edificio
      • During the implementation of a smoke-free law that applied to public places and workplaces we observed a significant drop in admissions for acute myocardial infarction.
      • The crowd cheered as I spoke, and while observing the crowd I noticed a lot more new faces, all cheering loudly, as if begging for the music to start.
      • We observed no significant condition interactions for total life stress, negative life-event stress, or hardiness.
      • Significant differences were observed between infants placed in solitary versus bedsharing conditions in the sleep laboratory.
      • No significant differences were observed between the homeopathic group, a placebo group, and patients who were given nothing at all.
      • Respectfully retreating to the side of the room with five of the princesses, Lord Cecil bit back a sigh as he observed a significant glance between Briar and Althia.
      • At this diminished rate of novel sequence discovery, one can expect to observe a significant gain from enrichment procedures.
      • Fisher did not report observing any significant changes in the number of abstinent students in their university-based study.
      • They said they were ‘appalled and angry’ at losing their nine year old son, saying senior hospital staff and management had failed to observe guidelines and safety notices.
      • One arm curled across her chest, holding onto the top of her other arm, I noticed, still observing the girl.
      • What he went through was an exaggerated form of something that Summers had noticed while observing his daughter at play.
      • Learning disorders may be informally flagged by observing significant delays in the child's skill development.
      • Brad took a seat in one of the arm chairs in the front room and observed the house and noticed the glass and vases being stuck together and large amounts of air fresheners around the house.
      • Whilst observing her leg I noticed that her's was hair free and I idly wondered in my dream if she waxed her own legs.
      • Arrow of time refers to the capability of distinguishing previous events from subsequent events by observing significant differences between the two events.
      • He told the truth as he perceived and observed it.
      • I'm aware that the kitten notices me observing the obscure figure.
      • In that time I observed no significant deterioration in less frequented parts of the path, but this was not the case with more popular sections.
      • Although it was hard to notice, observing the area around it, everything inside was alive.
      • Many cultures observe a significant event as a right of passage.

  • 2literary

    it's getting colder, she observed —está haciendo más frío —observó
    • Poincare once observed, there may be questions that we choose to ask, but others ask themselves, sometimes for centuries, while no one listens.
    • Michael Sweeney once observed, which is that bishops meeting in council don't know what they are talking about.
    • Of course, he has a cabinet and a civil service to help him in that awesome task, but, as President Harry Truman once famously observed, the buck stops on the desk of the elected leader.
    • These, as Curtis Blow once observed, are the breaks.
    • As C.S. Lewis once observed, ‘I am a converted pagan living among apostate Puritans.’
    • Iris Murdoch once observed: ‘Philosophy is often a matter of finding occasions on which to say the obvious.’
    • And as Condi Rice once famously observed, ‘The smoking gun we may see may be a mushroom cloud.’
    • Sentimentality always cloaks brutality, as Jung once wisely observed, and wolves in sheep's clothing are always ready for the big chance.
    • In the long run, as John Maynard Keynes once observed, we are all dead.
    • It was former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who once memorably observed that for centuries the Himalayas have protected us, and now we must protect them.
    • In fact, one commentator has observed that we live in the ‘Untied States of America.’
    • As Arthur Ashe once observed: ‘All his life Connors was trained not to trust anyone and to look out for nobody but himself.’
    • He sounds like Alan Partridge, who once observed that ‘the police are hardly going to arrest someone unless he's guilty.’
    • The late Mr Ahmed, in his characteristic astuteness, once observed that the will of the U.S. ruling class to dominate is not quite shared by its people.
    • To a neighbour, who also declared that the doctor made the same remark, the Coroner observed: ‘I think you must have misunderstood him’.
    • He observes that students, once out of college, find it extremely difficult hunting jobs or pursuing further studies.
    • Football, Sun Tzu once observed, is a funny old game.
    • In his concluding remarks Justice Ahmadi observed that government officials had to follow statute rather than waiting for ministers' orders.
    • Hanif Mohammad, the great Pakistani batsman, once observed that Sobers ‘was sent by God to earth to play cricket’.
    • In short, ‘A man has got to know his limitations,’ as Dirty Harry once observed.
  • 3

    (custom) observar
    (law) respetar
    (law) cumplir
    (law) obedecer
    (religious festival) guardar
    (religious festival) celebrar
    to observe the fast of Ramadan guardar ayuno durante el Ramadán
    • Turkey observes both civil and religious holidays.
    • Although universally accepted procedures must be observed, they furnish little or no assistance in resolving such a predicament as faced the surgeon here.
    • There were big bad wolves at the door back then and the rituals and ceremonies we observed were an important part of our defences against them.
    • The older people may wish to individually observe religious rituals, but with the young Sabra, orthodox custom holds no sway.
    • I think we may be observing the general social norm that frowns on age discrimination and accommodates disability.
    • A third reason why state officials observe international legal obligations is that they perceive international law to be of functional value.
    • Religious minorities observe their own rituals.
    • In all ordinary cases, indeed, the principle must be observed which rejects statements made by anyone in the prisoner's absence.
    • Nineteenth-and early-twentieth-century travelers and missionaries observed Jengu rites along the coast.
    • Did the early Christian church continue to observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread?
    • Among their obligations is observing the Regional Election Commissions in all the constituencies in their regions.
    • Americans get just two weeks of annual leave and there is no obligation for states to observe the 10 federal public holidays.
    • Human rights and peremptory norms of international law must be observed, and legal obligations toward third states must be respected.
    • Devotees must know the position of the sun when observing their religious rituals, and their temples contain an inner sanctum in which burns a perpetual fire.
    • The festive season of Christmas was observed in the usual reverent and enjoyable manner by the community in Bunclody.
    • Sri Lankans observe a strict religious edict that forbids them to play sports during a full moon, a holy day for the island country's Buddhist majority.
    • As I observed the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, an explosion of genetic responses went off deep inside me.
    • This holiday long weekend atheists and believers alike observed religious rituals.
    • This ceremony has been observed for the past eight years.
    • At this early stage, still some time before its product has received marketing clearance or approval, the company must ensure that it observes the legal and regulatory restrictions on what can be said about its device.
    • For good hand-washing habits, section members will stress that the following steps must be observed.
    • If the conditions enumerated are observed, the social revolution will painlessly melt into democracy.
    • Only a few people came to observe a tightly guarded ceremony held in the town's Hiraq square, presided over by Regent Tarmizi Akarim and attended by local dignitaries.
    • Every caste, tribe, town, village, and religion has a panoply of traditional ceremonies that are observed with enthusiasm and wide participation.
    • But if the government of a Darul-Kufr allows him to observe his religious duties, then it is not incumbent upon him to migrate to Darul-Islam.
    • Jai Krishna assured them all rites had been faithfully observed.
    • The minister said the matter had been referred to the Judicial Department for observing the necessary legal formalities for executing the death sentence.
    • Russia is today a party to an internal armed conflict, and must observe its obligations under the Geneva Conventions and other international humanitarian law that regulates such conflicts.
    • Muslim rites are generally observed for such ceremonies, which are accompanied by feasting and the signing of the marital agreement by bride and groom.
    • Varying social organization has been observed among other large carnivores.
    • Three main rites of passage still observed are baptism, marriage, and death.

intransitive verb

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