Translation of obsolete in Spanish:


obsoleto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɒbsəliːt//ˌɑbsəˈlit/


  • 1

    (word/machinery/vehicle) obsoleto
    (ideas/approach) anticuado
    (approach/ideas) obsoleto
    (spelling) caído en desuso
    • There were widespread concerns that the machines and the equipment they carried were at best old-fashioned and at worst obsolete.
    • He is appealing for help from members of the public who own obsolete machines so he can unlock archaic files.
    • By the time you purchase your new laptop - it's probably already obsolete or out of date.
    • One minute, happy and in love, the next he felt like a wet newspaper, out of date, obsolete, discarded in the rain.
    • So here we stand, out in the pasture in very much the same way as the outdated and obsolete horse.
    • Indeed, it's fairly normal to find that many lines in opening books are dated and obsolete even before the book hits the stores!
    • Anything that has become obsolete must be discarded and replaced with some thing new and novel.
    • Two surgeries in the York area have made a huge investment in state-of-the-art machinery which will help to make obsolete the much-feared dentist's drill.
    • Indeed, does the love for sequels indicate that the very idea of artistic newness has become old-fashioned, obsolete?
    • Several people - advocates and detractors alike - said rather oddly that in a hundred years time the dams will be obsolete, their machinery exhausted.
    • If, like me, you'd rather gargle drain cleaner than watch anything to do with our outmoded, obsolete head of state, there are only a few escape routes.
    • There is the inevitable small, unvisited museum, with its obsolete heavy American machine guns and twisted bits of aeroplane.
    • This will provide a boost for farm investment and encourage the replacement of obsolete and unsafe machinery.
    • When today's technologies are obsolete, the old-fashioned soldier will remain essential.
    • Isn't it time to declare all such vessels outmoded, obsolete and a danger to peace?
    • The meaning of traditional astrological texts is frequently obscured by the use of archaic or obsolete terms.
    • Apparently the delay is due to some of the components being ancient and obsolete (dating back as far as 1999).
    • He feared that she might choose to go back to Casey and that their evening and the date might become obsolete.
    • What's different now, though, is that feminism appears not so much dead as obsolete.
    • The dumping of obsolete machinery and technology in the third world, especially in India, is destabilising the very economy.