Translation of obstructive in Spanish:


obstruccionista, adj.

Pronunciation /əbˈstrʌktɪv//əbˈstrəktɪv//ɑbˈstrəktɪv/


  • 1

    (policy/measure) obstruccionista
    (person) que pone obstáculos
    (person) que pone dificultades
    he was being obstructive estaba poniendo obstáculos / dificultades
    • Abelard found the monks of Saint Gilda's difficult and obstructive - even dangerous - and he claims that there were several attempts on his life while in residence.
    • It was and is reasonable to hold that Burke was deliberately and knowingly obstructive of the tribunal's work.
    • The Ombudsman is also becoming an apologist for the Government, protecting obstructive Ministers who want to keep matters of government - the real facts - secret from the public.
    • Was Mrs Smith deliberately obstructive or uncooperative?
    • The police constable told the court that when Smith was taken to Scarborough police station he was ‘difficult, obstructive and offensive towards the custody sergeant’.
    • Confidence and ambition regarding the international competitiveness of these industries made trade barriers and protection appear unnecessary and obstructive.
    • His behaviour and attitude towards his supervisory team amounts to his being deliberately obstructive.
    • I note they worked assiduously to cooperate with the Military Committee - even when the Government and the Defence Minister were deliberately obstructive.
    • However awkward and obstructive the dictator has been, the president is going to war come what may.
    • If anything, company personnel were obstructive: Mr Jones first delayed the audit and then failed to implement it.
    • The judge described F as having been deliberately obstructive.
    • That typifies his attitude throughout the case uncooperative, obstructive and difficult.
    • Tunes Online Ltd yesterday blamed obstructive record companies for its decision to delay the relaunch of its music service by several months.
    • People who have been arrested are under a lot of stress and this produces obstructive and confrontational or violent behaviour - we need people who can defuse these situations.
    • Human documents belong to humankind: hence his rage against obstructive archivists who dare refuse access to precious materials which have fallen to their care.
    • For instance, an application to open a farm shop could have serious highways problems, but local authorities can be more obstructive than helpful in farm diversification.
    • The ‘men in suits’, continually seeking change in the most obstructive way, brought confusion and chaos that disrupted the teaching process.
    • I hadn't expected to discover that they (their rules) were deliberately obstructive as well.
    • This is where the industry is being deliberately obstructive, holding Britain back in the meantime.
    • That typifies his attitude throughout the case that has been uncooperative, obstructive and difficult.