Translation of occasion in Spanish:


ocasión, n.

Pronunciation /əˈkeɪʒən//əˈkeɪʒ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(particular time, instance)

      ocasión feminine
      on that (particular) occasion en aquella ocasión
      • on the occasion referred to en la ocasión que se indica
      • as occasion requires si la ocasión lo indica / requiere
      • Ceremonies marking many official occasions are held in the country's churches.
      • Holidays and other special occasions are marked with singing and dancing.
      • Already, the industry has found sales touching the expected figures on four occasions.
      • Actually, I could only remember one other occasion, months and months ago.
      • Here BBC Sport recalls the five previous occasions when the ultimate prize in European rugby has been on the line.
      • The meal followed and it proved to be a most enjoyable social occasion.
      • Rovers boast an excellent record in the competition having reached the final on two previous occasions in recent years.
      • Theresa is already working on big celebrations to mark the special occasion in the history of the prominent Association.
      • We took a while to find the right direction on two or three occasions.
      • Not everything said or written on an occasion of qualified privilege is protected.
      • You have been before the courts on many occasions over the years.
      • The accused testified and offered excuses in relation to her failure to comply on several other occasions during this period.
      • Holland has won the title five times while Pakistan emerged victorious on three occasions.
      • On at least three difference occasions, Neil accepted the hospitality of his hosts.
      • Were the written words used by the defendant on an occasion of qualified privilege?
      • In 1979 Jimmy Carter used the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the lunar landing to push his energy program.
      • The trial of Mr Daly had been adjourned on a number of occasions in the past.
      • On all four occasions, patients were transferred to other hospitals in the city.
      • His swimming marathon last summer was on the occasion of his 40th birthday.
      • There had been only one previous occasion when I actually had to appear in court.

    • 1.2(special event)

      I only wear it on special occasions solo me lo pongo en / para las grandes ocasiones
      • it was a grand occasion fue una celebración (or un acto etc.) memorable
      • his birthday party was quite an occasion su fiesta de cumpleaños fue todo un acontecimiento
      • what's the occasion? ¿qué se celebra?
      • on the occasion of her retirement con ocasión / motivo de su jubilación
      • we cracked open a bottle to mark the occasion descorchamos una botella para celebrarlo

  • 2

    • 2.1formal (opportunity)

      ocasión feminine
      oportunidad feminine
      you should go there if the occasion presents itself / arises deberías ir si te surge / se te presenta la ocasión / la oportunidad
      • I've not had occasion to thank you properly no he tenido ocasión / oportunidad de agradecérselo como es debido
      • may I take this occasion to remind you that … permítame que aproveche la ocasión / la oportunidad para recordarle que …
      • The occasion arose through the trip of the old people to Poppleton, given by Captain Grace, on the ‘River King’ a few weeks before.
      • We addicts can always come up with suitable justifications when the occasion demands.
      • At once, occasion arose for versions of reality to compete for public credibility.
      • I struggle to recall those rare occasions when it has been invoked against a non-Arab state.
      • Thankfully, they are all still fit and well and could still turn on the style if the occasion arose.
      • The Bodhisattva can be represented as both male and female as need and occasion demand.
      • I reckon that birthdays are more suitable occasions for resolutions than New Year.
      • I promised myself that I'd tell Karl as soon as the occasion arose.
      • The controversy provided a rare occasion for agreement between the ruling right and opposition left.
      • Raf was a great playmate to have around and could be serious when the occasion arose.
      • Whenever the occasion arose to work in a different area or learn new skills, I welcomed it.
      • The special occasion gave guests the opportunity to meet the director, singers and dancers of the world renown opera.
      • The Assembly used this rare occasion to chat about everything and nothing and just enjoy the time they spent together.
      • Having some occasions or opportunities to do so is always rewarding and inspiring.
      • Instead of passing the ball off every time, he took shots around the arch when the occasion arose.
      • Each situation is different, and must be assessed individually when the occasion arises.
      • Opportunity refers to the occasion suitable for or conducive to the behavior, including such factors as geography and time.
      • The occasion afforded staff the opportunity of paying tribute to a long-standing member of staff.
      • Ms. Ayotte said she was prepared to issue a formal opinion to that effect if the occasion arose.

    • 2.2formal (cause)

      ocasión feminine
      motivo masculine
      this might give occasion to damaging speculation esto podría dar ocasión / motivo a especulaciones perjudiciales
      • About this time last year I had occasion to complain about the non-collection of my refuse bin.
      • There may be occasion at work and reason at home, for you to lose your cool or balance but that's not helpful so avoid extremes of any kind.
      • Our certainty, whether grounded in reason or miraculous signs, affords no occasion to trust.
      • I think you are somewhat reserved, but my daughter does not seem to mind your taciturnity, so I suppose I have no occasion to complain.
      • For the first thirty years of my academic career, I had no occasion and no reason to worry about sports.
      • Actually, there is no special occasion or reason to buy the stuff.
      • I often have occasion to be reminded of the man who, as executive deputy mayor, was the face and the voice of Buffalo City.

transitive verb


  • 1

    dar lugar a
    • Much sadness was occasioned by the sudden death of well known Claremorris chemist Sean O'Brien at the weekend.
    • In addition, she received an apology for any injustice occasioned to her.
    • His death shortly afterwards occasioned louder public grief than that of Louis XV four years earlier.
    • The loss occasioned by cancellation of hotel bookings and other expenses runs into the billions of shillings.
    • Johnston has been charged with malicious wounding and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
    • His death occasioned an outpouring of condolences, mourning, and reflection.
    • In principle any losses occasioned thereby are recoverable however they may be characterised.
    • His passing occasioned deep grief in his native Ballinrobe where he was deservedly held in very high regard.
    • But all in all, what with the weather and a degree of jadedness occasioned by a bit of sleep disturbance, it's not been a thrilling day.
    • My examination of terms such as fraught and wrought has occasioned controversy.
    • The jury took two hours to convict him of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
    • After a long delay occasioned by France, the treaty entered into force in 1985.
    • Last year, the lights were not removed until March, occasioning embarrassment for both the Chamber and the Council.
    • The injustices occasioned by these institutions should, however, be confronted as an aspect of spiritual practice.
    • These rites control the pollution occasioned by death, and also usher the soul from one life to another.
    • Do you have to show that the error is one which occasions an injustice to your client?
    • Patrick was a popular and esteemed member of the local rural community and much sadness was occasioned by his death.
    • Much sadness was occasioned around the area by the news of her sudden death.
    • The father was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, but was acquitted.