Translation of occasional in Spanish:


aislado, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈkeɪʒ(ə)n(ə)l//əˈkeɪʒənl/


  • 1

    (sunny spells/showers) aislado
    (sunny spells/showers) esporádico
    I like an / the occasional glass of wine de tanto en tanto / de vez en cuando me gusta tomarme un vaso de vino
    • we get the occasional complaint/visitor recibimos alguna que otra queja/algún que otro visitante
    • we get only very occasional complaints/visitors rara vez / muy de vez en cuando recibimos alguna queja/algún visitante
    • the magazine runs an occasional feature on cookery de vez en cuando aparece en la revista un artículo de cocina
    • Among the most striking aspects of the movie are its occasional forays into animation.
    • She had never really seen the inside of his room before; only occasional chance glances.
    • Most people make at least occasional visits to the pub and do so without abusing others.
    • Despite occasional bursts of humor, the prevalent tone throughout the movie is somber.
    • The writing is elegant with only occasional lapses into obscurity.
    • Fischer showed occasional flashes of his old self, but was also clearly rusty.
    • His vocabulary is simple but effective, though occasional obscurities may be found in his sentences.
    • There may be occasional lapses like the one that strikes the reader's eyes.
    • Beyond fields and woods come occasional glimpses of the lake in dry brilliant sunshine.
    • Provide at least occasional online access to your top technicians and decision makers.
    • What I am saying is that occasional errors are inevitable with a truly free press.
    • He does it with style and flair and the occasional foray into drag.
    • Everyone else should regard them only as a very occasional treat.
    • Occasional flashes of lightning danced over the distant peaks of the Cordillera Real.
    • The men were closer, talking amongst themselves with an occasional burst of laughter.
    • Loud snores started to come out of him as occasional hiccups followed.
    • Soon she could see nothing in that darkness but the occasional flash of light.
    • Nine beaches have been closed due to high bacteria levels as well as occasional visits of red tides.
    • There is little evidence that occasional light snoring does any harm at all.
    • Neighbors, family members, even occasional bystanders used to separate combatants.
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    (furniture/table) auxiliar
    • Upstairs, the L-shaped landing is well lit, thanks to a window alcove with room for an occasional chair.
    • He made occasional furniture pieces such as tables and chairs, as well as picture frames.
    • Other items include pieces of occasional furniture that were covered by Monica.
    • Described as a desk, dining or occasional chair, it is designed with sufficient strength to support even a very large person.
  • 3

    (for special occasion)
    (music/verse) (compuesto especialmente) para la ocasión
    • He made his living in academia and from occasional exploits into literary journalism.
    • He was the only human they trusted enough to honor with their presence and occasional speeches.
    • The abcd abcd efg efg rhyming scheme isn't traditional, but it's not bad for occasional verse.
    • He read voraciously for himself, and began to write occasional verses when he was still at school.
    • If so, will there be occasional masses where personal prayer is permitted after communion?
    • Occasional services are held there, as are occasional concerts.
    • Even as late as last month she was still giving the occasional speech and attending functions.
    • It covered a great range of moods and themes: love, wine, religion, didactic topics, and occasional verse.