Translation of occlusion in Spanish:


oclusión, n.

Pronunciation /əˈkluːʒ(ə)n//əˈkluʒən/


Meteorology Chemistry Medicine

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    oclusión feminine
    • Two of the 4 patients with cirrhosis had hepatic infusion chemotherapy and therapeutic occlusion of hepatic arteries.
    • Localized observation of blood vessel stasis, occlusion or vessel dilation have all been observed with Photofrin treatment in vivo.
    • The second type is a warm occlusion, which occurs when the air behind the front is warmer than the air ahead of the front.
    • The meteorological language, which Doogan edits slightly, destabilizes into a poetry of cyclones, occlusions and disturbances.
    • Cardiac catheterization can confirm vascular occlusion and angioplasty is frequently used to treat a localized problem.
    • In a cold occlusion, the reverse occurs and the occlusion resembles a cold front.
    • The blood vessel wall is usually involved early with resultant hemorrhage, thrombotic occlusion, and lung infarction.
    • The occlusion rates are close to 100%, higher than published results for surgical ligation.
    • In both types of occlusions, the occluded front has well defined vertical boundaries between the coldest air, the cool air, and the warm air.