Translation of occupant in Spanish:


ocupante, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈɑkjəpənt//ˈɒkjʊp(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (of house, building, on letter)
    (masculine and feminine) ocupante
    (tenant) inquilino masculine
    (tenant) inquilina feminine
    (masculine and feminine) (of room, vehicle) ocupante
    (masculine and feminine) (of office, post) titular masculine
    Occupant al ocupante de la vivienda
    • The problem is that at the time Roosevelt was only Assistant Secretary of the Navy, albeit a particularly pushy occupant of that office.
    • But seeing what we're seeing right now made me think of that line and how it reminds me of the current occupant of the Oval Office.
    • A major concern was worker and occupant safety during the lead cutting and installation.
    • Rosalynn saw the first ladyship as a position that, like the presidency, makes its occupant accountable to all the people.
    • They allow building occupants to see what is going on outside the building.
    • In most cases, the occupant of these positions must first be a faculty member and one who has achieved the rank of full professor.
    • Mr Melvin was the sole occupant of the car, and no other vehicles were involved.
    • When we arrived, I was surprised to learn that she was the only occupant of a large house.
    • Another factor of cardinal importance in protecting building occupants is debris mitigation.
    • The occupant of the office was visibly agitated.
    • Cal was given a room where the previous occupant had performed a mysterious moonlit flit.
    • The lone male occupant fled the home through a second-floor window.
    • Over the years, Larry's show has become a favorite forum for would-be occupants of the Oval Office.
    • Will black voters go to the polls in droves in November to have their say about who should be the next occupant of the Oval Office?
    • He moved away from the closet to look at the door and the new occupant of the room.
    • He was the only occupant of the car and was pronounced dead at the scene.
    • Rear seat occupants have the option of heated seats.
    • This book examines each of the eleven occupants of the Oval Office since Herbert Hoover in terms of six yardsticks.
    • Why hasn't this job weighed as heavily on you as it has on some other occupants of this Oval Office?
    • As a result, facility executives may feel that applying a window film will protect building occupants.
    • In the official records, he may go down as the third Muslim occupant of the highest office of the country.
    • He would not have been much impressed with the present occupant of the position.
    • Rian groaned, pulling on a pair of shoes that used to belong to a previous occupant of the room.
    • She was the only occupant of the vehicle.
    • Several ships tracked the pod, fearing that its sole occupant was escaping.
    • And now with Fran Rooney ‘moving’ aside, it has left the door open for yet another occupant for that famous office.
    • One newspaper said yesterday that they were proof that he is ‘one of the most reactionary occupants of his office in modern times’.
    • The opportunity to reduce energy and maintenance costs and improve occupant comfort will be missed.
    • And sometimes the man in the office, even an unlikely occupant of that office, may respond in an unexpected but useful way, to a crisis.
    • The driver was in her 70s and was the sole occupant of the car, a spokesman added.
    • The main concern of the Australian Republican Movement has always been with the Office of Governor-General rather than any one occupant of the position.
    • A shocked look spread out on the faces of the occupants of the table.
    • The group banged on the door to alert the sleeping occupants to no avail.
    • Illegal occupants of local authority houses in Portlaoise will defy Laois County Council's efforts to evict them.