Translation of ocean in Spanish:


océano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊʃən//ˈəʊʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    océano masculine
    ocean cruise (por el Atlántico, Índico, etc) crucero masculine
    • ocean currents corrientes oceánicas
    • I stood up, grabbing my jacket as protection against the soft ocean breeze.
    • The fish dived as one for the ocean floor and capsized the boat.
    • Discarded nets drift through the sea and continue to kill fish on the ocean floor.
    • Usually the organisms just dump the electrons onto iron or sulphate minerals on the ocean floor.
    • The normal-sense shears are confined to the gabbro block and may represent relict ocean floor faulting.
    • How deep were you when you got out of your vehicle and did a solo walk on the ocean floor?
    • There we had a room that looked straight onto the beach and the ocean beyond: idyllic.
    • Clustered on the ocean floor, they seemed to watch me with an infinite and wary gaze.
    • We sailed to the end of the bay and still could see straight to the ocean floor.
    • This cold water from deep off the ocean floor brings many nutrients to the surface.
    • Striding from the beach and into the ocean, Ikeda paused as waves lapped around his ankles.
    • Mussels, for instance, hold themselves tight to the ocean floor using strong threads.
    • This guy up here is a very close relative of the roly-poly, only it lives in the deep sea along the ocean floor.
    • The long grass ripple like the ocean waves under the surprisingly gentle sea breeze.
    • At the same time, many such shells may dissolve before they even reach the ocean floor.
    • She turned fast and broke into a dead sprint across the ocean's surface.
    • Beneath the waters of the Izu, the ocean floor is a glowing carpet of colour and variety.
    • He looked down and saw the phoenix talisman that he had found on the ocean floor.
    • The ocean floor isn't the only environment Schilling Robotics is targeting, however.
    • The pole was anchored solidly to the floor of the ocean and rose about twenty feet into the air.
  • 2oceans plural

    (large quantity)
    un montón informal
    la mar informal
    you've got oceans of time tienes un montón / la mar de tiempo informal
    • This image marks a time in history not only for Yes, but a passage in the oceans of time.
    • The Holy Qur' an is an ocean of divine knowledge.