There are 2 main translations of OD in Spanish

: OD1OD2



  • 1informal

  • 2

    • 2.1

      Officer of the Day

    • 2.2ODs plural

      olive drab

intransitive verb


  • 1

    • The first time I OD'd, I think it really hit me that this is really not that fun, you know.
    • However, some believe he had gotten into his girlfriend's heroin and OD'd.
    • To help keep you right, we've fixed up four high-protein dinners that are perfect for days when you've OD'd on carbohydrates.
    • ‘Lisa with all the meds you keep shoving down my throat I'm surprised I haven't OD'd,’ he teased.
    • If CEO perks were pills, Snow would have OD'd a long time ago.
    • He would find no wounds, no blood, nor any signs that the man had OD'd.
    • Today we all slept late and then went to a churrascaria and OD'd on meat.
    • When they found her, she couldn't tell them whether she had deliberately or accidentally OD'd.
    • But good for him: he OD'd on a drug that hasn't really hit mainstream awareness yet.
    • I'm going to have to lower my standards big time if I want to be able to get through it without OD'ing due to stress over failure.
    • When she was just seven years old her daddy OD'd.
    • Not one performance failed to give me some fresh insight into a composer I thought I had OD'd on long ago.
    • Then his nephew nearly OD's on meth, allowing the brutal vengeance to begin.
    • Last year they airlifted some kid out of Enchanted 2003, his respiratory system had shut down after OD'ing on Eccys.
    • And that was the problem - eventually I OD'd on big views.

There are 2 main translations of OD in Spanish

: OD1OD2


  • 1

    (in banking)