Translation of oddment in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɑdmənt//ˈɒdm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    oddments of fabric / material retazos masculine
    • before noun an oddments sale una venta de restos de serie
    • You would be hard-pressed to come up with a more heterogeneous collection of oddments.
    • The Taj Mahahl is made of treated pine, chicken wire, second hand corrugated iron and various off cuts and oddments of wood.
    • They contained substantial amounts of sand and mud, in addition to encrusting calcareous algae and other oddments.
    • These shelves held torches, candles, flint, a few swords, and other oddments that could prove useful.
    • Kat'd brought along some of the jerky, oddments from the previous day's meals, and bottles of water for lunch.
    • As a result, they insert oddments and stray cartoons almost randomly between the announced programming.
    • St. Conleth's Day Care Centre is looking for oddments or surplus wool and knitting needles.
    • But beyond the collection of curiosities and oddments, nothing extensive or substantive remains from what he said.
    • Inside the room were supplies, blankets, water, and a few other oddments.
    • He smiled and went to fetch oddments for other patrons.
    • The turf is usually littered with oddments of paper.
    • There are map and bottle holders, pockets on the backs of the front seats, a sunglasses holder and oddments boxes in the centre console.
    • The Whites did disinter some oddments, but these did not make satisfactory relics.
    • ‘We are very religious,’ he said as he folded his threadbare deckchair and prepared to carry away their bulging bag of oddments.
    • This one contains old TV pilots, trailers and oddments but no movies.
    • But what might have been a fascinating exhibition was just an interesting collection of oddments.
    • In it, I correct him about a 1964 Marvel oddment and prove that there's nothing too trivial for some of us comic buffs.
    • The town dump was situated there, and all sorts of oddments, like old bicycle frames could be found there.