Translation of odious in Spanish:


detestable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊdiəs//ˈəʊdɪəs/



  • 1

    • Second, the American government should have shed light on the facts: how were such odious acts possible?
    • In their country, in their family, they will be able to find a normal life, to leave the odious control to which they are subjected.
    • Alas there is no reason why the most odious, contemptible people might not be able to make the sweetest, most wonderful creations.
    • It's not about protecting people from themselves, as odious as even that is.
    • I have to engage the passions of others by painting him as vicious or odious or depraved: hateful in general.
    • One result of last night's odious affair is certain to be earlier kick-offs for future fixtures between Rangers and Aberdeen.
    • It has unfailingly produced economic disaster, and in most cases, pretty odious political tyrannies.
    • But then I remember that their agendas are sometimes odious and even dangerous.
    • We have supported odious men in the name of containing our enemies.
    • They're odious enough on their own without asking whom she woke up with.
    • As tragic events unfolded in Europe, Luce ran his thriving magazine empire with an odious tilt.
    • The painter Cavaradossi and his comrades struggle against the Roman police state run by the odious Baron Scarpia.
    • Ireland's wildlife is too precious to be destroyed by those who are nothing less than odious countryside terrorists.
    • Comparisons between San Gimignano and New York are not odious.
    • Last Thursday, the odious Shepherd announced that the Newcastle job was one of the ‘top eight’ in the world.
    • They stepped through the low front door and found that inside the house was as vile, odious and squalid as its owner.
    • The only other notable performance might be Gordon Tanner's stellar turn as the thoroughly odious Bruce.
    • This carping is an odious theme we hear constantly from Angela.
    • It is precisely in such periods that the lies of the state assume an ever more blatant and odious character.
    • At the same time, the odious extremism at the other end of the spectrum, in the shape of the BNP vote elsewhere, has also strengthened.