Translation of odour in Spanish:




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    • He could smell the familiar odour of rotting foliage in his nostrils.
    • Only when the deity smells the odour of sacrifice rightly made does he respond.
    • "Choline salts have been known to produce an offensive, fishy body odor, " says Wright.
    • Before drifting off, I detected an odor emanating from the vestibule of Ido's tent.
    • One concern that many people have is what to use to eliminate odor on furniture.
    • During that time, the officer had smelled the odour of alcohol on the accused's breath.
    • Occupants also had noticed a strong unpleasant odor resembling sewage.
    • Instead, use the feedback to find things that eliminate odors for good.
    • A null response was assigned if the crab did not respond to the odor plume.
    • Often the first indication that a microorganism problem exists is a characteristic musty odor.
    • They have a very distinctive pungent odor when crushed.
    • They have a characteristic musty odor that is detectable when large numbers are present or when the bugs are crushed.
    • Also, some species can emit a strong, foul odor if handled - we found this out firsthand.
    • The black shafts were right in front of her nose and she noticed a foul odor coming from them.
    • Dandruff and foot odor are caused in part by yeast that live on the skin.
    • Chlorine odor is detected at levels between 0.2 and 3.5 ppm.
    • He sighed, noting then the odors wafting in from the kitchen.
    • And in this alternative existence did you still have the same noxious body odor?
    • One can almost detect the odors emanating from the tiny industries.
    • One can almost smell body odor coming off the page.