Translation of off-color in Spanish:


(British off-colour)

Pronunciation /ˌɔfˈkələr//ˌɒfˈkʌlə/

adjectiveoff color

  • 1

    to feel off color sentirse indispuesto
    • to look off color tener mala cara
    • I'm a bit off color no estoy / no me encuentro muy bien
    • If you are feeling a bit sluggish and off-colour it may be that your digestive system is out of balance.
    • I'm feeling off-colour and grumpy today.
    • Since I was very young, whenever I'm off-colour and feverish I have the following recurring vision as I wander confusedly in the no-man's land between consciousness and sleep.
    • I had been off-colour for several weeks and off food for several days prior to this and did not realise the effects of wine on an empty stomach.
    • He's still off-colour today, but submits to a meeting anyway.
    • She booked an appointment with her doctor because she was feeling off-colour.
    • Any player who was off-colour or who complained of fatigue was immediately stood down from training.
    • This morning I have a sore throat and feel decidedly off-colour.
    • If she feels a little off-colour then it's because the baby didn't like what we had for dinner.
    • I've been off-colour and not-blogging, apologies; here's a bunch of TV things quickly that bear further investigation.
    • To make matters worse, I'd started to develop what I thought was a bit of a cold by Saturday evening so I was feeling decidedly grumpy and off-colour.
    • Doctors should be made to think more carefully before handing out certificates willy-nilly just because someone looks a bit off-colour or says they do not feel so good.
  • 2

    (joke/remarks) subido de tono