Translation of off-hours in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈɔfˌaʊ(ə)rz/

plural noun

  • 1US

    during off-hours fuera de las horas pico


  • 1US

    fuera de las horas pico
    fuera de las horas punta Spain
    • Usually I save that kind of thing for my off-hours.
    • Some ad honchos play golf or catch a movie in their off-hours.
    • The well-paid men amused themselves in their off-hours with poker games, where large sums of money were won and lost.
    • Where I'm from, most of our off-hours were spent in cars.
    • I was a police officer in Arlington, Texas, powerlifting at the police gym during my off-hours.
    • For those viewing archived material, which is typically accessed during off-hours from home computers, usage between the two media players is about evenly divided.
    • The idea of voluntarily signing up for a class that necessitates me spending even more time at the hospital during my off-hours is not enticing, to say the least.
    • She is ever the meddling reporter, looking to create the ideal stories in her off-hours.
    • He's also, on his off-hours, a drug addict, miserable because his young son was kidnapped years ago.
    • When kindergartners began going to the toilet the first thing in the morning to inspect the work she had done during her off-hours, she realized how much joy her murals could give others.
    • In his off-hours, he jammed with Dizzy Gillespie and other founding fathers of bebop.
    • Most assuredly, the boss is not paying him to socialize and have a good time with co-workers and friends during off-hours.
    • Photos and documents show the assistant city attorney was followed by police officers in her off-hours.
    • In the United States, people largely work to survive and seek personal fulfillment in their off-hours.
    • So recently, in his off-hours, he started selling boxes.
    • You get the sense she's a copy-writer who can't check the habit in her off-hours.
    • He made pots in his off-hours and built a small ceramic workshop in his backyard, where he installed his own electric kiln, one of the first in Montana.
    • Attempting to keep up with well-seasoned steppers, instructors fill their off-hours looking for dynamic combinations to impress students who have been stepping since the days of Flashdance.
    • A lot of men went into the mines where some mine companies actually actively promote drinking for the mineworkers in their off-hours to keep them a little bit complacent.
    • But their off-hours were well spent home-recording their blissful follow-up, Warm Belly High Power.