Translation of off-piste in Spanish:


fuera de pista, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈɔf ˈˌpist///


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    fuera de pista
    to go off-piste ir / esquiar fuera de pista
    • On-piste conditions are almost perfect, and in many places, off-piste routes are skiable for the first time this winter.
    • You can break a leg on the prepared piste but to go off-piste is often considered foolhardy.
    • These races require competitors to climb and descend steep, sometimes dodgy off-piste terrain using climbing skins and lightweight alpine-touring skis, boots, and bindings.
    • The Outside team tested the latest off-piste equipment - snowboards that split in two, barely-there alpine bindings, shaped telemark skis designed to float on powder - to get you up and down with ease.
    • During the winter her main activities are off-piste skiing and ski touring.
    • This year's revelation is that controlling my center of gravity makes a major difference in how nimbly I can ski steeps, moguls and off-piste chunky snow.
    • Luckily my 16 year old son was scooped up by our friends, and his days were spent in wild, off-piste skiing.
    • There are over 140 groomed green and blue (advanced beginner) runs, snow parks, off-piste challenges and wide, flat nursery slopes.
    • Initially I was just a holiday skier, but after we got our apartment here I took up off-piste skiing and ski-touring very seriously.
    • Any advanced skiers can try their hand on some ungroomed black piste, both off-piste and on the mountain, on the Grande Monets slopes.
    • The off-piste revolution in Japan is now unstoppable, and its ski resorts are going to have to learn an entirely new culture to deal with it.
    • I'm also keen on off-piste skiing and snowboarding, and I think Norway is very good for that.
    • Even so, skiing will forever be the best way to travel off-piste - two-planks certainly have a future.
    • Powder hounds won't be disappointed either as there are excellent off-piste skiing and mogul runs, but it's wise to ask for a guide if you take the uncharted option.
    • The huge adrenalin rush of surfing titanic waves such as this is often compared with other extreme sports such as skydiving and off-piste snowboarding and skiing.
    • In the United States and Australia, skiing away from designated areas is prohibited, but in France it's normal to ski off-piste and on glaciers.
    • While we off-piste skiers are a mobile force, we don't always have the time or energy for long approach marches.
    • The lawyer was skiing off-piste in the resort of Verbier in the Alps when he fell some 300 metres after losing his footing and ended up in a snow gully.
    • But the question still remained, could I, a ‘good intermediate’ skier, cope with true off-piste conditions?
    • It is situated in the enormous Les Trois Vallees ski area which links what is conservatively estimated at 600 kilometres of groomed pistes and off-piste terrain.


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    (skiing/run) fuera de pista