Translation of off-sales in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɒfseɪlz//ˈɔːfseɪlz/

plural noun


  • 1

    premises licensed for off-sales establecimiento autorizado para la venta de bebidas alcohólicas que se han de consumir fuera del mismo
    • Members agreed to grant the provisional off-sale licence.
    • The store's liquor licence was found to cater for off-sales only.
    • Estimates suggest that off-sales rose to a record 40 per cent of overall sales during Euro 2004.
    • A sample of 155 off-sale alcohol outlets was randomly selected from the universe of all off-sale alcohol outlets.
    • The Sheriff's report declared that the ban on Sunday morning off-sales was ‘now seen by many as being unnecessarily restrictive’.
    • The rate of compliance with the minimum drinking age law among off-sale alcohol outlets significantly increased following a deterrence intervention targeting alcohol retailers.
    • The main issue in the legislation relating to off-sales will be under-age drinking.
    • Compliance checks of off-sale outlets were conducted at baseline, two months after the intervention, and eight months after the intervention.
    • He was sitting in his car outside the Royal Hotel off-sales last year waiting for a friend when four armed men entered the store and robbed customers.