Translation of offbeat in Spanish:


tiempo débil, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈɔfˌbit//ˈɒfbiːt/



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    tiempo débil masculine
    on the offbeat en el tiempo débil
    • The drum machine offbeats are still present, but instead of snarky basslines and slow grinds, the song features a wistfully high organ stomp, and shifting tempos throughout.
    • This is all to say nothing of the beautiful, ever-rising backing that threads through the song; present in the verse, when the horns come in full-force on the offbeats.
    • McDowell's guitar playing on these songs was all about rhythm, a distinctive syncopated chug that emphasized the offbeats and often stayed on a single chord.
    • In fact, the high bongo plays on an offbeat while the cowbell simply marks the beat.
    • The album climaxes with this strange 2003 anthem, a trawl through a dark sewer full of bass, lots of negative space, and strange, rattling offbeats.
    • On this song, a mutant dancehall pattern bumps to static offbeats and a hiccuping vocal that's an integral part of the groove.


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    (ideas/person/humor) poco convencional
    the way she dresses is rather offbeat viste de una manera muy poco convencional