Translation of offence in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈfɛns//əˈfɛns/



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    • Singapore still considers graffiti an offense punishable by flogging.
    • An offence of indecent assault, since 1985, carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.
    • The original version of the bill would have made an immigration violation a felony offense.
    • In this way the defendant consumed the criminal offence of premeditated murder.
    • It is also clear that the charge of assault against the second applicant is an offence under the criminal law as well as under the Prison Rules.
    • Both women were convicted of minor nonviolent drug offenses.
    • But the case was abandoned Thursday after magistrates found he had not committed a criminal offense.
    • The nation's legal nightmare around non-violent drug offenses is the primary cross he bears.
    • The skewness of the perceived severity distribution for each felony drug offense was examined.
    • Beginning in 2009, adults arrested for any felony offense are subject to DNA collection.
    • It is the essence of offences against the person that what is done is done unlawfully.
    • It held such crimes to be offences against the law of nations, much as was the traditional crime of piracy.
    • In that case the applicant had been convicted of offences of indecent assault.
    • Both stand accused of plunder, an offense punishable by death.
    • Offences against the laws governing political parties are not punishable as a criminal offence, but can incur painful financial sanctions.
    • Another 1995 law made the laundering of money from drug trafficking a serious criminal offense.
    • What about offences against the state and against the administration of justice?
    • The number of juveniles arrested for drug-related offenses has increased 80 percent in the last seven years.
    • Police may call it the fineable offence of contravening traffic rules, but it is the order of the day among minibus drivers.
    • These, in the main, are young people committing offences against other young people.