Translation of offend in Spanish:


ofender, v.

Pronunciation /əˈfɛnd//əˈfɛnd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (hurt feelings of)
    I am sorry if I have offended you in any way perdona si te he ofendido de alguna manera
    • she was mortally offended at not being invited se ofendió muchísimo porque no la invitaron
    • many people were deeply offended by this remark mucha gente se sintió muy ofendida por este comentario
    • don't be offended, but ... no te vayas a ofender, pero ...
    • he's easily offended es muy susceptible
    • to offend the eye/ear hacer daño a la vista/al oído
    • The piece spends so much time trying to offend nobody and entertain everybody it ends up being completely anodyne.
    • Warning: the following article contains scenes that may shock and offend some people.
    • Aboriginal people are deeply offended by it and that's quite understandable.
    • The teams involved said they ‘never set out to upset or offend anyone.’
    • However, as it did nothing to either entertain or offend me, I am dismissing this case with prejudice.
    • The unknowing teacher might offend some students and upset others by using the wrong words, tone, or body language.
    • I feel rather offended by the suggestion, in fact.
    • With regard to the first, if in the course of a discussion an offence is offered, the person who has been offended is the injured party.
    • I admit, I was really offended by that last remark.
    • She got really offended by the suggestion, " Colleen said.
    • She's upset and she's offended that anyone would try to profit from such photos.
    • Would that offend you or hurt you or upset you any more?
    • How, you may wonder, can I possibly offend so many people in a single column?
    • I appreciate that this is a very emotive and difficult subject to discuss openly, and I therefore apologise unreservedly if any part of my opinion has upset or offended you.
    • I tried to pretend I wasn't offended by his remark.
    • People are well within their rights to be offended by such publications.
    • We too have strong convictions, we too can be offended, insulted and annoyed, and we have to say we're not going to put up with it.
    • I am sorry if I have upset or offended anyone that is reading this.
    • She told me so, and she made it clear to me that my comments upset and offended her.
    • If it was any other person, I would have been offended and annoyed that someone should try and exert such force over me.
  • 2

    their behavior offends one's sense of decency/justice su conducta atenta contra el sentido que cualquiera tiene de la moral/justicia
    • his argument offends reason su argumento va en contra de toda razón

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (cause displeasure)
    (action/person/remark) ofender
  • 2offending pres p

    he rewrote it without the offending paragraph volvió a escribirlo omitiendo el párrafo que había causado controversia
    • the offending smell el desagradable olor
  • 3

    to offend against sth atentar contra algo
    • these pictures offend against good taste esos cuadros atentan contra el buen gusto
  • 4formal

    infringir la ley
    infringir el reglamento
    (criminally) cometer un delito
    (criminally) delinquir formal
    to offend again reincidir