Translation of office in Spanish:


oficina, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈɑfɪs//ˈɒfɪs//ˈɔfɪs/


  • 1

    (room) oficina feminine
    (room) despacho masculine
    (building, set of rooms) oficina feminine
    (feminine plural) (building, set of rooms) oficinas
    (staff) oficina feminine
    (work/furniture) (before noun) de oficina
    de oficina
    (building/block) de oficinas
    architect's office estudio (de arquitecto) masculine
    • lawyer's office despacho (de abogado)
    • doctor's office consultorio
    • the manager's office el despacho / la oficina del director
    • the company's New York office las oficinas de la compañía en Nueva York
    • we don't want the whole office to hear no queremos que lo oiga toda la oficina
    • office automation ofimática
    • outside office hours fuera de las horas de oficina
    • during/in office hours en horas de oficina
    • are you coming to the office party? ¿vas a venir a la fiesta de la oficina?
    • office space espacio para oficinas
    • The matter was referred by the Office of Public Works to Waterways Ireland.
    • Although the father works as night watchman of an office building, he has no job security.
    • She then took an office job to help her get by while she wrote short stories, novels and poems.
    • Last year saw the Office of the Community and Voluntary Sector established.
    • The concept is that the salespeople identify local doctor's offices and businesses that cater to similar clientele.
    • The departments of the Executive office are meant to provide the president with speedy and simple responses to questions asked to it.
    • Most of the office space that appears on the market in the second half is also in the suburbs of Sofia.
    • He used the office intercom to order coffee and biscuits for five.
    • The director of the Office of Film and Literature Classification is Des Clark.
    • These pesticides are used in schools, churches, business offices, apartment buildings, grocery stores, and homes on a regular basis.
    • It is administered by the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market, based in Spain.
    • He is Institutional Affairs Attaché at the Quebec Government Office in London.
    • In February 1948 he was appointed to the Films Division of the Central Office of Information.
    • The Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights evolved from the Office for Free Elections.
    • He was subsequently ordered to leave the building and did not appear in the office on Saturday.
    • Now she has totally abandoned her dream of becoming a film star and taken a job as an office clerk.
    • Nóirín praised the Arts Office under the leadership of Muireann Ní Chonaill.
    • The oldest engineering company in Colchester is selling off half its office space but jobs won't be lost.
    • The plan is to retain the office building and sub-divide it into offices for small businesses and meeting rooms.
    • The Laois Youth Theatre is an initiative of the Arts Office, Laois County Council.
    • This was reprinted with kind permission of the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.
    • Now she is not too sure if she wants to return to her office job.
    • As difficult as the artist's life is, and as infrequent as the pay checks can sometimes be, I'll take it over the office job any day.
    • She hopped into the truck and backed it into the hangar-like room of the office building.
    • At the start of the war in 1939, Eichmann worked in the Office for Jewish Emigration.
    • Everyone seems to just want an office job, something nice and easy nowadays.
    • The performance is promoted by the Arts Office of Laois County Council.
    • The office building on the site would be refurbished to include business suites, meetings rooms and secretarial services.
    • Anyone interested are asked to contact Laois County Council Sports Office in Portlaoise.
    • They did everything from small remodel jobs to building small office complexes.
    • She is Crown Counsel with the Office of Prosecutions in Tasmania.
    • Gillian finds it a juggling act fitting her duties around her demanding job an office manager but believes it is worth it.
    • The men handle cash crops if there are any, and may have jobs fishing or building, or in offices in the cities.
    • Colleagues in the Office for National Statistics struck on Tuesday.
    • Inside the interior had the appearance of a normal office building, it's employees decked out in simple black suits.
    • The data are collated by the Office for National Statistics.
    • You can go back to work after about six weeks if you have an office job.
    • The new building will contain administration offices and meeting rooms and will cost approximately 2 million baht.
    • The Office of Small Business will be transferred to the new Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Resources.
    • My father didn't make enough money at his office job so he had to take on a bunch of odd ones throughout the rest of the day.
    • She is the Chair of the Review Board of the Office of Film and Literature Classification.
    • The General Accounting Office will make the final determination in a few weeks.
  • 2

    • 2.1(post, position)

      cargo masculine
      the office of president/mayor el cargo de presidente/alcalde
      • she had held this office twice había ocupado dos veces este cargo
      • to take office tomar posesión del cargo
      • to leave office dejar el cargo
      • he was in office for three years ocupó el cargo durante tres años
      • the party was in/out of office el partido estaba/ya no estaba en el poder
      • term of / in office (instructions) mandato
      • during her period of office durante su mandato
      • State offices gave them the authority to compel peasants and artisans to surrender the resources of the province.
      • She now holds the office of High Sheriff of Lancashire.
      • I never knew how much the office of "farm wife" entailed until our farm's wife disappeared into the wilds of Italy for two and a half weeks.
      • She joined the civil service in Dublin in 1980 and was appointed to the office of Public works.
      • This bill includes a provision for establishing the office of Chief Coroner.
      • It was transferred as a request out of my office as Acting Prime Minister.
      • He has held many offices in professional organizations.
      • The only real help here is for bishops to grasp the true nature of their office and live it out.
      • Four colonies had established churches but did not exclude clergy from political office.
      • Traditionally, when a man holds a religious office, or becomes a grandfather, he grows a beard.
      • Before Japan, I would have tried to define the office of a professor in negative terms.
      • The hierarchy of religious officialdom has its pinnacle in the Vatican and the office of Pope.
      • I say this with the authority of my office as president of Sinn Féin.
      • How did contemporaries explain the decision to exclude clergy from political office?
      • The disappointment in the cases may be due to a misconception about the office and authority of the President.
      • Now partly that has to do with the changing nature of the office of the Attorney-General.
      • He was welcome in the office of the chairman and the studio of the artist and his opinion was valued in both situations.
      • But I have to say that the Office of the Commissioner for Children has not helped.
      • For the first time in the history of Zambia's politics, we have seen more women appointed in top Government positions and executive offices in statutory bodies and parastatals.
      • Essentially, the role of the Office of the President in Ireland is to be one of these checks along with the Judiciary.

    • 2.2formal (duty)

      cometido masculine
      función feminine
      • These were supplied through the good offices of the chairman of Tidy Towns.
      • A location was found through the good offices of the Rev Sidney Lawrence at College Hall on the campus of Leicester University.
      • I discovered this dish through the good offices of The Butler's Pantry gourmet shop.
      • Through the good offices of Chris Edwards at Glock, two Glock 17 pistols were provided.
      • I met Newman in November 1993, partly through the good offices of the LBJ Library.
      • These funds lie safely but dormant in a bank, access to which can only be secured through the good offices of the grieving widow.
      • The following recipe has been supplied courtesy of Arnott's Biscuits Limited through the good offices of Frank Townsend, Chief Chemist.
      • This message was conveyed in public forums and diplomatically through the good offices of the Indian government.
      • A Lotto grant of E200,000 has been obtained through the good offices of Dr. Tom Moffat.
      • Born relates how cast down he was by what he felt was the ruin of his hopes, how he again fell foul of Klein, but managed through the good offices of Runge to convince Hilbert of the soundness of his ideas.
      • Through the good offices of the Department of Scientific Investigations, he established contact with the Argentine air force and army.
      • Some facilities and necessary medical equipment had to be funded through the good offices of a charity.
      • I consider this service, provided by a small family firm, to have been outstanding and I trust that through the good offices of your paper I can make known my feelings to a wider public.
      • Through the good offices of a sensible woman the lads are completely reformed.
      • All Regatta proceeds, as in previous years, will be disbursed to the needy children, through the good offices of the Rotary Club of Jomtien Pattaya.
      • That information came through the good offices of the Department of Justice in Ottawa.
      • Yet we are ever-ready to listen to voices of reason, sanity and justice and we remain committed to an honourable solution with the government of India or through the good offices of the apex court.
      • In 1834 he was appointed professor of drawing at King's College, London, through the good offices of Lady Palgrave, Dawson Turner's daughter.
      • If the country ever knows peace again, it will find it through the good offices of its own citizens.
      • Through the good offices of Willie Groarke, a new shrine to the Sacred Heart was blessed on Sunday at Cully.

  • 3good offices

    mediación feminine
    (masculine plural) buenos oficios
  • 4

    oficio masculine
    • The Divine Office has always been faithfully kept by lay people - not just clergy, monks and nuns-for centuries.
    • Latin hymns are sung at the Divine Office, and are assigned to different liturgical occasions, according to time of day, season of the year, or Holy Day.
    • The Prayer Book contained morning and evening offices, and forms for the administration of the sacraments as well as the psalter.
    • His book is designed for up to four daily offices (morning, noon, evening and night).
    • When polyphonic motets were intended to replace Gregorian chants in the Mass or Divine Office, they generally reproduce their texts exactly.
    • It is not a virtue for the monk… to lack time in which to attend the common recitation of the Divine Office, read a certain amount, and mix with his community.
    • Though she loved the Divine Office and appreciated the Chant, she could not sing two notes in tune.
    • A few days after reading this report I opened my Bible to read the lesson for the daily office.
    • The seven daily offices punctuate a way of life regulated by prayer, while the passing of the seasons marks time.
    • Chapters 3 and 4 treat Evening Prayer as a counter to Morning Prayer and the minor offices as occasional rather than daily prayer.