Translation of office bearer in Spanish:

office bearer



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    • Though the students pay for it, office-bearers of managements of most private affiliated colleges use the magazines for self-publicity.
    • At a provincial congress the DA elects its office-bearers, proposes, debates and adopts motions and nominates its delegates to the federal congress.
    • An office-bearer put it simply, ‘If we government doctors do not help the government medical colleges, who will?’
    • It is something from which all ministers and office-bearers would benefit greatly.
    • Party office-bearers within his electorate, which covers much of inland Queensland, have opposed the National Party standing a candidate against him.
    • The organisers and the office-bearers have strained every nerve possible to make the tournament a resounding success.
    • Sometimes Ministers and other senior political office-bearers are placed on boards of State-owned enterprises, where they also earn a fee.
    • Were we more transparent with our so-called declaration of interests of top political office-bearers, we might know more, but this is not the case at present.
    • In his absence the sessions were chaired by the office-bearers of the congregation.
    • The Markaz and the Lashkar-e-Toiba are extremely secretive organisations and take great care to conceal the identities of their office-bearers.
    • The new office-bearers decided to honour their sentiment and decided to revive the publication.
    • The entire school wore a festive look with the office-bearers of the alumni association and students leaving no stone unturned to make the moment a memorable one.
    • The office-bearers of the collective are working on evolving a network of theatre artistes across the State by the time the body's first annual meeting will be convened.
    • Having been formally elected for a three-year term, Naidu is unlikely to lose his post, but all the other office-bearers remain on tenterhooks.
    • Other office-bearers were elected unanimously.
    • The police have now roped in the residents' associations and are organising meetings of the association office-bearers in their efforts for better policing of the capital region.
    • In fact, the well-read office-bearers of the organisation would not utter a word about the incident, when mediapersons sought their response to it.
    • She is still the only female advocate to have served as an office-bearer, and a portrait honours her achievement.
    • The office-bearers will be meeting in Kolkata over the next couple of days.
    • This week, it became known that the authority responsible for remuneration levels of parliamentarians was recommending an increase of 7% for office-bearers such as ministers.