Translation of office worker in Spanish:

office worker

oficinista, n.


  • 1

    oficinista feminine
    empleado de oficina masculine
    empleada de oficina feminine
    administrativo masculine
    administrativa feminine
    • She entered the business late in life but quickly implemented the organisational skills she had picked up in her previous career as an office worker.
    • It was time to start looking like a proper office worker again.
    • Posing as an office worker with a bad back, I walked in one busy lunchtime last week.
    • I was an office worker in the Civil Service pensions department.
    • A dishonest office worker who stole £6,500 worth of computer equipment from his employer has escaped a jail term.
    • A city office worker who buys two lattes a day, five days a week, will end up paying an extra $52 a year.
    • The member of staff, understood to be an office worker, has been told to stay away from work until a Trading Standards investigation is completed.
    • A robber threatened to shoot a Richmond office worker and stole her credit card details in what police believe was a cloned card scam last week.
    • Mark is an office worker hopelessly pursuing his colleague Sophie, a sensible, down-to-earth woman who just might, under the right circumstances, agree to date him.
    • The plane is made from the estimated amount of paper an office worker gets through in one month - an astonishing 1584 sheets of A4.
    • Every office worker knows that from the moment he or she enters the workplace, every move is monitored and recorded, every paperclip tagged and tracked.
    • According to state government sources, the new recruits would be paid salaries of 4,000 rupees, less than half the normal salary of an office worker.
    • In the first case of its kind, an office worker is suing her former employer for sacking her because her mother caught the disease.
    • Despite office worker Claire repeatedly querying the £180 payment, she was told it was correct.
    • In other words, I was to become either a teacher or an office worker.
    • Mrs Boyes, a former office worker, has served on the committee for four years and has been involved with the club since she retired in 1992.
    • An office worker said they had been told they could apply for other jobs at another site.
    • Whether you are in business, a student, an office worker or a housewife, we all have one thing in common: 24 hours in every day.
    • On the third night he put aside his memories and began a week of carefree enjoyment, like an office worker letting himself go on a solitary camping trip.
    • The average office worker in Britain throws away about 2.4 kg of paper each week, or nearly 115 kg per year.