Translation of officialese in Spanish:


jerga burocrática, n.

Pronunciation /əˌfɪʃəˈliz//əfɪʃəˈliːz/



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    jerga burocrática feminine derogatory
    • I'm thinking, for example, of so-called legalese and officialese - sentences like ‘We are in receipt of your communication of 12 inst. and wish to convey our most sincere gratitude for same.’
    • The vulgar language was a way of signalling to the voters that he was one of them, not speaking in political officialese or respecting the conventions of polite society.
    • They have been ‘settled,’ as colonial officialese put it, by a set of State policies that might be better described as disciplined and tamed.
    • Imagine if we were able as a church to leave aside all the bureaucratic officialese, all the empty titles, and all the massaging of personal egos.
    • In rather guarded officialese, it points to a shaky financial situation with the potential for huge financial losses.
    • In 1979, taking a different tack, Plain English Campaign publicly destroyed government forms as the opening move in a crusade against officialese and obfuscation.
    • The simple lending and savings schemes described as ‘micro-financing’ or ‘micro-credit’ in officialese, is seen as the viable solution to livelihood where poverty is the overriding factor.
    • That is officialese for saying that they are making the mandatory bow to non-commercial programming, but note that it is only open to the same commercial broadcasters.
    • His letter is expressed in his own language, and not in officialese, but to my mind it is clearly a formal request to carry out the works referred to.