Translation of offload in Spanish:


desembarcar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɒfləʊd//ˌɔfˈloʊd//ɒfˈləʊd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cargo) desembarcar
    (cargo) descargar
    (truck/ship) descargar
    (passengers) hacer bajar
    • To our pleasant surprise, the luggage had been offloaded more quickly than we were used to.
    • Salvors are offloading potentially hazardous cargo from the ship which ran aground near Grosvenor Point off the Wild Coast on Saturday night.
    • Radice claims cargo taken up by space shuttle from Earth can be offloaded onto an orbiting ‘tether’.
    • He said that the company was manufacturing its own spare parts and other accessories for the machinery a development that caused considerable cut down on time to load and offload cargo.
    • About 400 farmers from various parts of the country prevented a shipment of 3,100 tonnes of wheat being offloaded from a ship that had docked at Drogheda Port 10 days ago.
    • They quickly offloaded the much-needed cargo.
    • Soon he joined the green-smocked staff, offloading pallets and restocking shelves.
    • A decision on the contentious breakwater, a rail spur for trains to offload and collect cargo, has delayed the tender process since the team first met in September last year.
    • There's additional fodder on the ship that will be offloaded for the sheep as well.
    • Fixed-wing air land is the next most responsive mode, because it travels at the fastest speeds and the cargo can be offloaded quickly at the destination airstrip.
    • ‘They are the biggest pipes ever used in the country, and they are all offloaded at our harbour,’ Saith said.
    • By the end of June, over 289,827 tons of supplies had been offloaded onto the Normandy beaches.
    • The teachers from the orphanage immediately formed a line to help us offload our cargo.
    • We're going to drop in on Deidre's mum and offload most of our luggage, taking only overnight bags with us to Sydney.
    • ‘The logs will most probably be offloaded directly onto trucks which will take them to wherever they will be stored,’ he said.
    • Although the UK was a key destination, some drugs were also offloaded in Bulgaria and sold here, he said.
    • There was no standard gauge in Australia, which meant that at each break, all passengers and goods had to be offloaded and changed onto another train.
  • 2informal

    to offload sth onto sb endilgarle / endosarle algo a algn informal
    • he has an old car he wants to offload tiene un coche viejo del que quiere deshacerse / que quiere endilgarle a alguien
    • Making an exit occurs when a venture capitalist offloads their stake in an unquoted company.
    • Yet with annual medical costs averaging nearly $9,000 per employee, there's little doubt that U.S. corporations need to offload some of this burden.
    • Before I cover the combat, I'll offload all the negative comments I have.
    • He will probably also get higher prices when he offloads marginal stores if he can sell them at a measured pace.
    • He took advantage of strong gains in the company's share price this year to offload some of his stake, although he still owns 10% of the £228m company.
    • He sold his synthesizers, offloaded his collection of more than 200 records and switched his focus to books.
    • The EU pays 2.7 billion euros a year to farmers to grow sugar beet, and then offloads the resulting surpluses on the world market.
    • That left scalpers who had expected to sell seats for many times their face value scrambling to offload them at knock-down prices.
    • We ended up offloading the tickets and my friend's daughter and walked back to her house via a food stop with my son sleeping in his pram.
    • It's like you're using me to offload all your troubles and I'm sick!
    • All we have to do now is locate a suitable restaurant for our Sunday evening meal; a job I plan to offload onto a Spanish speaking member of the choir.
    • They offload them at their factory outlets or sell them to furniture warehouses.
    • Often they were offloading defective goods they could not sell at a shop.
    • The business was one of a number to have been offloaded in recent years, leaving Dawson as a focused cashmere yarn spinning and garment sales group.
    • This means that they must, legally and constitutionally, seek to offload as many of their costs onto other people or the environment as they can.
    • Banks are increasingly offloading cash machines to finance companies, which impose a so-called ‘convenience’ fee.
    • I'm sorry to offload all this onto you but I guess its just fair to warn you what you may be getting yourself into.
    • As living-wage laws get broader and more expansive, supporters are also trying to offload some of the cost, increasingly burdensome to cities, onto state and federal government.
    • I've gradually been offloading my comics and web commitments onto the community without them suffering.
    • Currently, shareholders who want to offload shares sell back their stakes to the group.
    • Any airport sale in Scotland is likely to centre around Glasgow, which could be offloaded to a private bidder who could then refocus the business on low-cost airlines, killing off Prestwick.
    • ‘Hairdressing salons are no longer the place to go to have your hair restyled, you can chill out, get a massage or go in and talk to your stylist and offload all your problems,’ says the writer.
    • Through simultaneous spending hikes and tax cuts, he offloaded onto future generations responsibility to foot the bill for the present generation's security.
    • Giving the UN a role could soothe anti-American tempers and offload some of the burden of responsibility.