Translation of ogle in Spanish:


comerse con los ojos, v.

Pronunciation /ˈəʊɡ(ə)l//ˈoʊɡəl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    comerse con los ojos
    • As the sun sets, we stroll along the surf, ogling the beautiful beachside residences.
    • When he's not glued to the TV, he's staring at his computer screen or ogling girls in bars.
    • He cannot resist ogling a pretty girl or remarking on her attributes.
    • I spent the evening ogling Bianca and playing pool.
    • Colton was sitting at the bar; a few women were ogling him from the corner.
    • I've ogled the strutting pumped up peacocks that run in the men's 100 metres.
    • McGwire has his slice of baseball immortality, but fans haven't lost their appetite for ogling him.
    • You can while away many happy hours looking at gossip web sites and ogling pictures of your favourite swoonsome celebrities instead of getting on with your work.
    • I looked around and saw people ogling me like I was a store mannequin.
    • Sporting a jogging suit, the police reached the spot at 5.30 am and saw a group of men ogling the women.
    • They were inside the auxiliary gym practicing and his teammates were gathered around the doors ogling them.
    • Partygoers scoffed and quaffed their way through £100,000 worth of refreshments, before ogling the exhibits.
    • Here I am wanting to help these needy people and just do my job, and I am rewarded by being constantly ogled and hit on, as best as men without homes or income can hit on a girl.
    • I stood there ogling the food, not knowing exactly what I wanted but knowing I was hungry.
    • And what's wrong with ogling those who spend years intensively preparing to be ogled?
    • The director spends as much time ogling his male leads as he does his female cast members.
    • After we had finished eating (and ogling the boys) we went back to shower and change and get ready for the evening's show.
    • Its also a good outlet to keep me from ogling every real woman I see.
    • Two guys driving along start ogling a woman and the car clatters into a pile of rubbish bins.
    • Glam and glitz prevailed throughout the Pavilion, where 400 black-tie-attired guests joined the seated dinner, ogled the dancing show girls and bid on auction items.