Translation of ogre in Spanish:


ogro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈəʊɡə//ˈoʊɡər/


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    ogro masculine
    she's such an ogre ¡es un ogro! informal
    • You do not fear the ogres and the trolls do you?
    • A comic-fantasy-adventure filled with magic and music, ogres and elves, giants and wicked stepsisters, the film revisits a classic fairy-tale world with a distinctly 21st century twist.
    • Libraries are not silent, stuffy places where the staff are ogres, they are places for the whole community and we want as many people as possible to come here.
    • Monsters such as goblins, orcs, trolls, and ogres thrived here.
    • Though the giant spiders composed of most of the creatures, there were also trolls, goblins, and ogres.
    • It is a modern-day fairy tale complete with magic, an ogre, brave deeds, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.
    • The humans and elves fight against the monstrous orcs and ogres while the third group, called the Zerg, seek to destroy both of them.
    • You visit a lot of cities when you're being chased by a giant marketing ogre.
    • This kid friendly fairy tale about an unsightly ogre was both heartwarming and very funny.
    • Even as they insisted that they had done nothing wrong and that the Republicans were ogres for bringing it up, they launched a massive effort to staunch the scandal's flow.
    • I remember that there were lots of fairy tales that included giants of all kinds, from the ogres to some of the more ‘kindly’ giants.
    • It is a time when the very mention of witches, gnomes, hobgoblins and ogres is enough to conjure up a fantasy world populated with a multitude of such creatures.
    • We rested on his right shoulder as he sauntered above the trees, all the while telling us of the differences between ogres and giants.
    • She would hold it, gripping the handle as her father had taught her, and pretend to fight off giant ogres or evil witches with magical powers.
    • You can be the fairy princess, and I'll be an ogre who's coming to get you.
    • Many kids are scared of monsters under the bed, ogres and bogeymen lurking in wardrobes and the cupboard under the stairs.
    • When you're a kid, you grow up on fairy tales, witches and giants and ogres.
    • I don't really like the film - I mean, if the main characters weren't ugly green ogres, I might have liked it better.
    • From the depths of Gan came the ogres, the goblins, the trolls, and, of course, the leprechauns, who were later conquered by the good of elves.
    • But more obviously, elves live here, not trolls, ogres or dark elves.
    • Why would we want to make them look like angels, when they are really ogres?
    • Ella's journey to find a way to break the spell has its own dangers as she meets up with elves, ogres, giants, fairies, and of course a very charming prince.
    • In fact, for all that he has been painted in some quarters as a manipulative ogre, one criticism that might be levelled at him is that he is too soft.
    • I met trolls and ogres and witches and carried secret weapons and magical words with me.
    • At that moment, a witch or a giant or an ogre could have been holding that light.
    • ‘Divorcees are not criminals, women are not angels, men are not ogres,’ he stated.
    • It was then that Congress, under the leadership of those great ogres, voted by veto-proof majorities to end the arms embargo.