Translation of oil tanker in Spanish:

oil tanker

petrolero, n.


  • 1

    (ship) petrolero masculine
    (para petróleo) (truck) camión cisterna masculine
    • The firm currently operates four vessels - three bulk carriers and an oil tanker - and has a fifth on order at Guangzhou Shipyard International.
    • Now, besides repairing ships, the company builds one type: a refined petroleum product carrier, which is a smaller oil tanker.
    • However, the captain and other witnesses on board the Limburg reported seeing a small boat strike the oil tanker just before it exploded.
    • It's like trying to sail an oil tanker down a narrow river.
    • Wrecks available include the Rangoon, a 19th century sailing ship, and the Conch, an early oil tanker.
    • Nicholls was competing in France in 2002 when the slick from the oil tanker Prestige hit the beach.
    • Gunmen attacked an oil tanker carrying fuel to the army and killed its driver, police said.
    • An oil tanker was discharging petrol from Scapa Pier to the underground storage tanks at the depot when the leak occurred.
    • It was when he was in his early twenties and he was running his father's shipping company that an ageing oil tanker exploded and five people died.
    • The short circuit caused a fire that in turn ignited the oil tanker and the chemicals at 12: 10 p.m. Thursday, he added.
    • In July it reported three attempted boardings in less than a week, with pirates firing automatic weapons at two gas tankers and an oil tanker.
    • A series of fuel pipes ran up and down the ship's deck, suggesting that the vessel had been an oil tanker.
    • A Hercules aircraft homed in on the boat's locator beacon and a merchant oil tanker eventually launched a lifeboat and was rowing the man to safety, said Jessup.
    • An oil tanker can carry a load that is far, far more explosive than any civil aircraft.
    • In the early 1970s, a sub he was on collided with an oil tanker off the west coast of Scotland.
    • In the past three weeks, pirates have also attacked another tug and an oil tanker in the same region.
    • The Fire Service was on the scene within minutes of the simulated crash at 10 am, sealing the leak on the oil tanker and making it safe for the ambulance crew to enter.
    • The harbor is full of yachts that make an oil tanker look small.
    • The accident happened when an oil tanker ran aground.
    • The seaworthiness of a visiting oil tanker was inspected by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in Flotta on Tuesday.