Translation of oilskin in Spanish:


hule, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔɪlskɪn//ˈɔɪlˌskɪn/


  • 1

    hule masculine
    • The oilskin clothes, fur gloves and boots are replicas of the Burberry outfits Shackleton used in his ill-fated expedition to cross the Antarctic.
    • I carried Edward's letter in an oilskin pouch tucked inside my tunic.
    • So I donned my wellington boots, put on my waterproof coat and my oilskin hat, grabbed my brolly and went out for a short walk in the rain.
    • Grabbing the worn oilskin map out of his hands, Adria peered closely at the markings.
    • The man was dressed in a heavy, green oilskin waterproof jacket and trousers.
    • Large drops of rain began to fall, and they laid groundsheets and put up their oilskin tents.
    • A yellow oilskin hat and coat hung from a hook on the wall beside the door.
    • As he did, he realised with shock that it wasn't a normal jacket, but an oilskin greatcoat.
    • He then rolled the hide into a bundle, placed the bundle in an oilskin sack, and began leading the way back to their skiff.
    • Stilmore dismounted, then reached into a saddlebag and brought out an object covered in protective oilskin.
    • Does anyone know where I should take my oilskin jacket to be cleaned and de-moulded?
    • Her quiver of arrows had an oilskin cover to keep the arrows in and the snow and damp out.
  • 2oilskins plural

    chubasquero masculine
    impermeable masculine