Translation of old-time in Spanish:


antiguo, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈoʊld ˌtaɪm/


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    • Arizona has 160 miles of it, studded occasionally with one-street towns that still have the air of the old-time 66.
    • He was a breath of fresh air after the chap I'd had before who died, an old-time Oxford don.
    • The flannel-wearing old-time slacker is at it again, and still doing a damn fine job of pumping out some substantial material.
    • And there were also some old-time publishers and their employees who were reluctant to adopt new ways of doing things.
    • I borrowed it from an old-time American politician of decades ago.
    • In contrast, most DPP politicians are old-time democracy activists with ample campaign experience.
    • A stroll through Harlem with him is like a walk down memory lane as he points to abandoned and renovated sites that are historically dear to old-time residents of Harlem.
    • The Prime Minister who yesterday lectured us on the growth of bad manners dished it out to the old-time union chiefs and Old Labour dinosaurs.
    • The old-time nanny was a gem to the children in her care.
    • It's like an old-time club in a lot of ways with guys
    • Cuban culture became so entrenched that old-time residents of Tampa proper began referring to the cigar town as ‘little Havana.’
    • No wonder old-time sailors deserted their square-rigged ships for such delights, after months at sea on hard-tack and briny water.
    • After the muscle-shocking sessions we drank wine and beer and got drunk and carried on like the old-time weight lifters back in the 1800s or early 1900s.
    • What we have, in fact, is a collection of essays by people who are mostly not so much new technologists as old-time literary types (even if they are young-ish).
    • The only problem is that the present weakness of civic society largely arises from the very measures those old-time socialists enacted with such determination.
    • I worked hard - as a lot of other sort of old-time reporters have - to try to have a better historic relationship between the military and the press.
    • Not only the sugar, of course, but also the rum into which it was converted - a great favourite with old-time sailors and still popular with visitors today.
    • Partying it up onstage, he took the crowd through a trip of old-time hits, covering some of the most popular tunes of our time.
    • I've stopped bothering with this, partly on the grounds that I can't see how even old-time potato growers with large fields could go to all that trouble and partly because, in my own garden, it didn't seem to make the slightest difference.
    • A favorite old-time North American remedy used by the 19th century Thompsonian and Eclectic herb doctors is called Composition Powder.