Translation of old-world in Spanish:


con sabor antiguo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊld ˈˌwərld///


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    (atmosphere) con sabor antiguo
    (courtesy) a la antigua (usanza)
    (village) viejo y pintoresco
    • Then there is the loch sprawling on two sides, the old-world charm of the buildings, the encroaching mountains and the 40 acres of woodland.
    • Temperate climates, glorious sea air and a dash of old-world charm are all to be found in Grange-over-Sands and surrounding villages.
    • The ‘gateway to the Orient,’ with its old-world Italian charm, is made even more quaint by the inner-city waterways and proliferation of gondolas that no other city in the world resembles.
    • Decorations, typical of those often seen during the marriage season, brightened up the interiors and lent an old-world charm.
    • Sally said: ‘We are enchanted by the quaint old-world atmosphere in Cheam Village and like the idea of tradition and old values.’
    • Here the ritual of the election night is a quaint old-world tradition closer to pantomime than politics.
    • It also manages to have a go-ahead and prosperous air while retaining an old-world grace and charm.
    • The flooring, in muted earth coloured Athangudi tiles, completes the quaint old-world look keeping the aesthetics of the centre fine-tuned to the traditional philosophy of healing.
    • ‘The Grand Old Lady of Racecourse Road will retain her old-world charm while being a global hotel in every way,’ he says.
    • Even the Buena Vista camp, for all its carefully maintained old-world charm, has not been immune to outside influences.
    • With its straightforward narrative, show tune chestnuts and quaint, old-world coziness, the show is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for the Sunday matinee crowd.
    • It's the capital of the Jutland peninsula, on the north-east coast, and is known throughout the country for its old-world charm and picturesque streets.
    • Its 18th- and 19th-century buildings, many constructed of wood, give St John's an old-world charm.
    • When Sofitel took charge in 1984, it added wings in the traditional style, maintaining the old-world charm.
    • While electric lights and barricades, in a spirit of technological renovation enable greater study and ensure much-needed protection, they take away the magic and old-world charm that one associates with temple architecture.
    • A real gem of a hotel situated in 500 acres of beautiful rolling countryside five miles outside Kelso, perhaps the prettiest town in the Borders, the Roxburghe retains a staid, old-world charm.
    • In fairness, Malmo does have an undeniable old-world charm and some passable nightlife, but Copenhagen is the place where it all really happens both during the day and after hours.
    • And this is not fake old-world charm, it's the real thing.
    • Alongside the vacuum tubes and rectifiers, Cathcart exposes us to the old-world charm of Cambridge in the 1920s.
    • Dining on formal days is very elegant, leisurely and full of old-world charm.
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    del viejo continente
    del viejo mundo