Translation of old man in Spanish:

old man



  • 1

    my/her old man (father) (husband) mi/su viejo Mexico informal
  • 2

    the old man el jefe / patrón
  • 3British dated

    (as form of address) viejo informal
    • Is that supposed to make me feel better, old man?
    • I will be back, old man, and when Francis finds out about this, he'll be with me.
    • Between you and me, old man, I'm glad they got me before it went any further.
    • You're fast with them old hands, but you should've stayed in those mountains, old man.
    • Well, they are your patrons, old man, so they do have some right to demand work from you.
    • When asked by a policeman why he did it he replied, ‘sheer high spirits, old man.’
    • George smiled and leaned into him and whispered, ‘Tell someone who cares, old man.’
    • Life without my scintillating personality just wasn't the same, was it, old man?